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3:16 AM on 12.25.2009

Mother fu**ers!

Merry Christmas!   read

10:38 PM on 10.09.2009

Fortune Hunter Edition sweepstakes starts at 12:01 tonight:You know you want it.

Alright kids! If you are as angsty as I am about when and where Playstation was going to announce a chance to win the Uncharted 2 Fortune Hunter collectors edition, well wait no more!
Just two hours ago has finally announced on their official site on how to win this sweet piece of ass-and trust me, it's very simple, but daunting.

If you are a special individual who has been playing the living crap out of the multilayer demo or if you haven't then I advise you to get on it; Playstation will be randomly selecting the lucky chums who will walk away with the game, the dagger, and all of it's glory. You don't need to be a sharp shooter or have the highest score,just play the game between one minute after midnight tonight until October 12 at 11:59pm to get a chance to win.

For more information, just check it out on this second link I put up here, because I'm generous.   read

2:31 PM on 08.30.2009

Anyone can be a game designer...Except you.

My skills in creating a fairly attractive looking game are horrific,trust me,they look fucking hideous. In some cases,I rather just keep the standard checkered textures that Unreal provides for me and just play the game.
Don't get me wrong, having the right skills to make a pretty looking game is nothing wrong and I'm pretty sure half of you know this,but just because it looks good doesn't mean it's fun to play.

I bring this up for only one reason: I took a level design course this past summer semester, I absolutely adore to see what others have come up with and see if anyone has any new gameplay mechanics to apply to their level,but I must say,I was highly disappointed.

A good number of individuals highly believed that they were better than everyone and that no matter what they did,it was great, it was the best goddamn thing ever. I even had someone believe that they would even be better than Hideo Kojima.
There is nothing wrong with giving yourself a little praise,but,um,dude your level is a fucking mess.
It looks good,great, you coded everything just fine so theres no bugs,awesome,but honestly,who the fuck would play this?
You have a guy who spawns in front of you with a rocket launcher,so you really can't get anywhere without getting KO right in the very beginning, the level is too small for the amount of people that you have in this place, and you don't even have an objective for the game.
The primary goal for our assignments was to test our abilities to create a fun,playable game.Our teacher just wanted to see if we could make a fun game to play,he didn't want us to make some elaborate pretty looking game with a fuck ton of meshes and emitters going to make it look amazing,he wanted to see if could make a fun playing game.

After this,it only has me thinking,does everyone highly believe that they too can be a game designer,just because they know how to use unreal or any other game editor? Is this why half of this years graduating class couldn't get a job? Primarily since they made a great looking game,but it was boring as shit. Some even went to showcase their prized baby at GDC last year for hopes to get a job ...And I'm sad to say,bombed. They where beautiful looking games, they had their own original art, the controls where smooth and there where hardly any bugs, but no one wasn't going to play a game that played exactly like Super Mario,it's been done,a lot.

I know it's getting hard to find a new and innovated way to come up with a new type of game play,I know all too well,but just because it's been done before, doesn't mean that there isn't anyway to improve it and doesn't mean you should keep it the same,but it just gets annoying and obnoxious when I see my fellow classmates bragging about how amazing their unreal level looks when it's no better than thousands of other people who are doing the same thing that you are doing.I just wish to meet others who find it important that a video game needs to be fun, it needs to keep the player intrigued and caught up in it's world! Its ok to have it look pretty,but we can't forget what makes a video game,it's the game play! Heck,I'm pretty sure if GTA IV still had all of it's gameplay mechanics and looked like Custards Revenge(lol), a real gamer would still play it,because it's fun not because it looks pretty.

I could be wrong about this whole issue,or maybe I'm bitter because I can't seem to get in a project because I rather try to figure out the gameplay rather than show off how I can make the level look pretty.It s just everything that we make here at my school, it's always the same thing. And if this is to be our future of game designers, then how are we to entertain future generations and inspire them too to keep this great past time of our culture to keep thriving and moving forward?
I feel that I have ranted on long enough,but post whatever you want,whether you disagree or agree.I don't care,but these are my opinions on the matter.   read

8:04 PM on 04.10.2008

OMG, my leg is soooo black!

So, I was thinking about getting a new tattoo. I got this for the 16th birthday believe it or not, and now it has become a game of "Spot the Link!".
Heck, even though everyone knows who it is when they look at my leg and I get mad compliments, I want more.
No matter how black my leg may get, or how this current tattoo becomes "one" with my skin, I yearn for another,but yet, I don't know what to get that will at lease show pretty well on my chocolate colored skin.

But no, I will not get pikachu no matter how much I like Pokemon...Ok maybe I'll think about it.   read

12:02 PM on 04.01.2008

Its fake right...Please tell me it's not true!

So I was crusin on my school's form this morning and I know for a fact that this place worships April Fools like a necked girl surrounded by sushi.
But it wasn't until I ran across this:
This is a link to a very well, production quality trailer to a live action Zelda move.
But the only thing that is keeping me skeptical is that it was released, today and it's suppose to come out exactly one year from now.

Well my dtoidians, you be the judge. But I would like to know if this only a cruel joke, even though it looks pretty well done.   read

11:40 PM on 03.30.2008

Cake,L.A.N party,and a new kid to kill...

So as I look ahead into the future as I officially leave my teenage years and say hello to 20,eat my awesome birthday cake, play Zombies!!!, and plot to kill the new kid at our school who runs as if he's a character in Naruto, I sit here and ask myself one question...
How did I end up with elf extension on my ears?

What's a girl to do...Oh well, happy birthday to me!   read

2:14 PM on 03.11.2008

PMS game tourney

So, I hosted a girl gamer tournament at the Phoenix Comicon this year...
I am absolutely terrified to ever do that again. I got offered a job to host other female tournaments in the area by a group that does it weekly. But it was an absolutely terrifying experience, between the girls bitching every two seconds to me about them getting their asses handed to them in smash when another girl was kicking her ass, and the complaints about the games in the finals that I though would be funny to be seen played as a final game: Cooking mama, Taiko drum master. Stuff like that.
I never wanted to punch a baby so bad than that moment...
So I wonder, should I ever take charge of another girl gamer tournament ever again?
I have been offered a job to do it over the weekend, but after that, I have my doubts...   read

1:09 PM on 02.28.2008

Why are Asian's just awesome?

So, I just achieve at switching between Expert and Hard mode on the drums on Rock Band. For me, I think it's an awesome fucking achievement, I've been playing for a while now, and I thought that I would never make it!
So, my roomie , this hella hardcore asian gamer, decides to come over and play with me. He chooses to do Enter the Sandman on expert with the guitar and I do it on hard.
So I fail, of course since I never tried it on Hard and we switch. Now quote, this is his second time EVER on the drums,puts in on Expert, and gets a fucking 95%!
Now being a chick, I can get away physically beating the crap out of him afterwards, but it's not fair?
Eventually I do become awesome,but not in a fucking instant. Why is it every Asian that I meet, they just adapt to a game as if they gave birth to it like a newborn a second they play it?   read

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