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crackity jones's blog

11:57 AM on 08.27.2014

Super Game! A SpaceGhost style interview show ft. Nick Woz of Shovel Knight fame

About a year ago I had the idea to do an internet show in the style of Space Ghost Coast To Coast, except we would interview game devs and other type people in the industry. For those of you not in the know Space Ghost Coas...   read

3:17 PM on 11.17.2013

Vote On What My New Monday Night Stream Game Should Be!

If you don't follow me on Twitter then you probably don't know that I've been streaming games on Monday nights on Twitch recently. Or you may just not know who I am. I've done No More Room In Hell, Binding of Isaac, Saints Ro...   read

9:16 AM on 06.04.2013

Microsoft Blew It, How Can They Un-Blow It?

Microsoft fucked up their Xbox reveal, we get it already. But what would it take from their E3 presentation to win gamers like myself and many others back? Well, it's gonna take a lot for me but it is far from impossible. The...   read

1:53 PM on 11.07.2011

Costume Quest: Be A Child Again For 4-5 Hours

One of my favorite things about playing video games is that they can really make you feel like a kid again. A few days back I finished Costume Quest; that game is the ultimate example of making you feel like...   read

1:54 PM on 10.21.2011

What Happened?: Why Is Everything So Serious?!

Seriously, what the hell has happened to this industry? What is the first feeling you think of when you think of video games? The correct answer is of course fun. Video games used to be all about having fun, didn't need to ma...   read

2:53 PM on 10.18.2011

Integration: Living in the Dark Ages

When you're a gamer that can't get access to high speed internet, it changes things. The biggest thing obviously being that I can't play online, download DLC, access streaming apps or any of those fancy schmancy things being ...   read

5:20 PM on 09.22.2011

TGS: In Defense of Nintendo

The annual Tokyo Game Show has came and gone. Many things were announced and even more things weren't announced. It seems an awful lot of people ended up being kind of pissed off at Nintendo though. Everyone appeared to be sa...   read

10:58 AM on 08.17.2011

Handhelds: Is Three A Crowd Or Company?

For those of you that don't know (which is admittedly most of you) I co-host Destructoid's community driven handheld podcast, Pocketoid with Jackal27, so when I saw this weeks Bloggers Wanted post I knew I had to jump in and ...   read

12:49 PM on 06.08.2011

Taste Test: L.A. Noir

Some of us are known to do it from time to time while others find the act contradictory and absurd, listening to music while playing video games. To be honest with you, I only do it on very rare occasions but I start...   read

2:11 PM on 06.03.2011

Pocketoid: SHE LIVES!!! Records tomorrow!

Maybe one or two of you remember an extremely short lived podcast hosted by myself and Jackal27 called Pocketoid. It was a videogame podcast based around handheld gaming. Well good news everybody! Were rebooting it! We will r...   read

3:39 PM on 05.31.2011

How Joplin, MO and Dtoid come together

Last Sunday was the scariest day of my entire life. As some of you may have heard on the news Joplin, my home town, was hit by an F5 tornado and was one of the most deadliest tornadoes in US history. As surprising as it may s...   read

12:48 PM on 03.14.2011

A Digital Wasteland

War. War never changes. Its 0100 hours and I can see my teammates on the ground below the building I'm holding out in. I have a claymore set up next to the only entrance to this room so no one can sneak up on me. I still can'...   read

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