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CpThreeO avatar 5:37 PM on 03.05.2013  (server time)
A 23 Hour Long Starcraft 2 Binge Saved my Insanity.

One Saturday Evening I was online paying Fifa 11 with a couple of friends. My phone sat next to me as I was texting a girl, that was in one of my classes, about our plans for the night. Our time kept pushing back as she was still getting ready. One game of Fifa turned into four and I was getting hungry. So I ran downstairs to get a pre-made Von's Sandwich. To my surprise, I heard a car running in the garage. I went to check it out, opened the door, and saw my best friend trying to commit suicide.

That night was hell... I couldn't stop thinking about what could of happened if I went on my date at six.

The next night I couldn't sleep, My friends room was next to mine. I kept listening to see if his door would open and he would try killing himself again. I was stressed out of my mind, my hair was falling out in chunks, and my heart felt like it was about to stop.

He started going to a therapist and getting better with friends and family. I however couldn't. The third night, I still sat in my bed listening for his door. I was going insane, I had to do something. So I opened my computer and started playing Starcraft 2.

I played Starcraft for 23 hours... Straight. I always had the sound off so I could still listen for the door. Games blended together as if I played one huge one. I never noticed the light coming and going from my window. Starcraft relaxed me, my stress for the night slowly started disappearing. When I finally went to sleep, Starcraft images felt like they were burnt into my eye sockets. I woke up the next day, checked on my friend and went back to playing starcraft (this time around 6-7 hours). This happened over and over again for two weeks.

After that ordeal I came to the realization that video games had a bigger impact on my life than I thought. I use to think of them as a really fun time waster, but really they were a stress reliever. I could come home after a hard day at work and school to emerge myself in a world where my problems never existed. When I comeback into reality, my problems don't seem as bad as I thought they were. I guess it's just part of my venting process. (I probably should of gone to a therapist but I didn't have the money.)

My best friend is great now, he got the help he needed and pulled through his depression. I still play Starcraft here and there, but I will always respect and love the game that helped pull me through one of the hardest times of my life.

On March 13th, Blizzard drops Heart of the Swarm, and I'll be there at midnight to welcome my new stress reliever.

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