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Cowzilla3's blog

7:23 AM on 01.12.2009

What is a Dtoid Community Member?

I originally sent this out in the whole emailer that seems to have started it all, but considering it's more about my take on the community than anything else it seems more appropriate to put it here. I tweaked a few things t...   read

4:28 PM on 01.07.2009

The 2008 Razzies nominate Uwe Boll four times. Here's my take.

If only the Workmeng could see how far she's come. Look talking about good movies is great, but talking about the bad ones is just so much more fun. That's why you have to love the The Golden Rasberry Awards or Razzies. The...   read

9:43 PM on 01.03.2009

I hugged everyone and...

it made me happy cause this hugging thing is like an old fashioned dtoid posting banaza. Memories...   read

5:56 PM on 12.23.2008

Happy Holidays everybody and Rabbid Splinter Cell papercraft thing

Hi everyone! I haven't been around (well blogging around, I've been reading everything) cause of other stuffs here and there. Then since I wasn't writing about games I felt bad posting random movie blogs every Friday, so thos...   read

10:21 AM on 12.04.2008

I'm on the internet TV!!!'s the War Room had me on this week to talk about Nintendo. I thought it went really well except that I said Ummm, way too much and kept looking away from my camera. Guess I'll have to work on these things. Anywa...   read

4:37 PM on 12.02.2008

How to lose a nights sleep with Shaun White Snowboarding: Road Trip

Step 1: Get Shaun White Snowboarding: Road Trip in the mail from the good folks at Ubi. Step 2: Get a little excited about using your Balance Board for something other than theoretical push-ups you're supposed to be doing. ...   read

2:48 PM on 11.11.2008

My entire interview with Format Magazine, in case anyone cared

A little while back Format Magazine interviewed a few people from various gaming sites about gaming. They asked some really interesting questions and then publshed our responses. You may have read it when Jim . They kind of...   read

7:57 AM on 10.07.2008

Live in DC? Get ready for vault life

In case you don’t know, that image above is what the inside of the DC metro system (subway in New York, the T in Boston, the underground in London) looks like. Also, in case you didn’t know, Fallout 3 takes place in a p...   read

3:12 PM on 10.03.2008

Monday Review: Appaloosa, Flash of Genius, Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist

'Appaloosa' is a western A headline that blunt usually points to a forthcoming bad review full of expressions like "doesn't reinvent the wheel." While that expression might be entirely true of Appaloosa (it in fact firmly ...   read

6:33 AM on 10.01.2008

This sums it up perfectly

Out of all the billions of words I've read about Mega Man 9 I don't think anything has captured exactly what the game can do better than today's PA. Seriously, even if they hadn't put the text in I would have known what the...   read

11:09 AM on 09.26.2008

Monday Review: Eagle Eye and Miracle at St. Anna

Spike Lee's New 'Miracle'? In the world of film WWII has been done. It’s been done well, it’s been done poorly. It’s been covered from every side and recreated in every angle under the sun. It has not however been do...   read

2:24 PM on 09.23.2008

Why you should play Mega Man 9 on the Wii

I don't want to come down on either side of a console war here but I believe that the above images clearly show why everyone should be playing Mega Man 9 on the Wii if they have that choice. You may site other benefits to...   read

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