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Cowzilla3 avatar 4:55 PM on 10.05.2007  (server time)
What Happened!: Poetry

Wow today was actually pretty awesome, I think I bookmarked almost every blog posted since midnight last night and while the amount is average the quality is fantastic. Everyone give yourselves a pat on the back, I'd also like to point out that this happened right after I was appointed Overlord of the Internet and Snaileb dubbed it Cowzillatoid and on the same day I found out I was interviewing Wes Anderson. And to top it all off, ITS FRIIIIIIDAAAAY!. To celebrate, and in honor of Rappin' Day, I've written a poem/rap (Note: pronounce Japanator, Ja-pa-nay-tour for this).

Do some things have you
Down in the dumps?
Totally frustrated
Like a case of the mumps?

Maybe you're tired
Of how the world is?
Or maybe you think
There's far to much jizz.

Maybe your down because
Your so small.
Or maybe your mad
Just because of it all.

It could be your blue
Cause you can't find the funny.
Or your upset cause
Its all for the money.

But fear not my good friends
Don't leave luck to heaven.
Because guess what?
These go to eleven.

Thatís right! Don't you know,
You have friends all around
And even if Rick rolled
They'll help you get down.

They'll show you great finds
Or fill you with glee.
But just remember good sir,
No Bonaduce.

But be happy for those
Who show off the goods.
Or tell you whatís happening
In their neck of the woods.

Be joyful for contests
And parties galore!
Then sing out the praises
Of the Japanator.

Remember the fun
That gaming does bring.
And plug in those chords
For some platforming.

Even if you have reason
To feel really lame.
Just go find someone
And play a great game.

And remember this guys,
No matter the box.
Destructoid rules all,
And also cocks...

An apology for my butchery of anything that has ever been called poetry

Also I didn't want to put this in the poem because it is pretty important but we should all take a moment for Gunpei Yokoi as he is one of the true masters of gaming.

All right rapping it up real quick today. Facebook & Halo, Miis & Wrestling and Square & Enix.

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