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Cowzilla3 avatar 5:46 PM on 09.12.2007  (server time)
What Happened!: A day in review

So after yesterdays flame war and all the questions about what happened I though it might be nice (since I'm in my office an awful lot and thus am here all day) to do a day in review for those night prowlers, kids in school and people who have lives outside of the website. It'll basically be an update on what happened clog wise and the posts I really liked. If you liked others put them in the comments but try not to shamelessly self promote yourself too much. And after that bit of hypocrisy letís dive right in:

Oh I chose the most boring day of the ever to do this, even Jack posted something interesting that Snaileb actually responded too. I know, I felt the earth shake too.

Smash was all over the place today with multiple posts from Blindside of course and few from others:

Ever wanted to choose someoneís gamer tag? Well cannedpasta is going to let you pick his.

Cronos wrote an interesting bit on Co-op gamingthat not only is a good read but also will garner him many awards for father of the year.

Meanwhile in textville dgenerate wrote a bit more about why games are so darn easy.

Butmac informed us all he is actually "special" and got to play some AO rated Manhunt 2. Isn't that special.

Also I don't know if you can call dibs, but I'm pretty sure you can't rely on the good hearts in this hell hole to be anything but mean.

And finally Savant is brining back the Monday Miniboss which I enjoyed...all one of them.

Ok thatís it. I'm not picking favorites so don't flame me I'm just trying to sum up a day at the blogs. If you felt something should get mentioned, as I said above please add it. Also if this isn't warranted or wanted please tell me it takes time to put it together and if people aren't interested then it's kind of pointless.

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