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Names Matt Razak and I'm just a gamer with a Wii and a 360 and PS3. I'm also really, really, really, ridiculously good looking and a ninja...and humble. I'm the Editor and Chief at Flixist.

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When we last left our intrepid hero he was being swarmed by the evil soldiers of Eidos and cashwhore.com. Was he able to escape? Who are these strange forces after him? Does Santa exist?. Find out all this and much more as our thrilling saga continues!

*Cue old organ time music* (that's right I'm referencing serial radio, go out and listen to "The Shadow" if you don't get it ya whiper snapper.)

Escaping the house as bullets flew around his head and Rockvillian's body fell with a thud Cowzilla3 dodge down a hill wondering what he could possibly do now and who he could trust. Clearly no journalists could be trusted and he wasn't sure if his neighbor RiserGlen was truly on his side. Pondering where he should run a stray bullet grazed his leg causing him to tumble over the patio fence and land upon a lulz cats.

His fall having been broken and his mind jolted back to reality Cowzilla3 knew where he had to go. He had to go to MaxVest, a man whose sarcasm was so great that there was no possible way he could be a traitor to the cause and wouldn't screw him over. Hopping on his pet bull Cowzilla3 took off with nothing more than a then an umbrella handle to protect himself with. Needless to say his parents, who had no idea what was going on since they loved in another state, were still worried.

Unfortunately MaxVest lived on Wall Street a place that the Eidos Troopers guarded well and Cowzilla3s mount, being a large bull, was not too good at doing the whole stealth thing. He could hear the flying gyrocopters of his enemy above, casting large shadows as their lights skirted in and out of buildings, his innocent blogging had turned into something much bigger. He'd never be able to return to the world of reviews and opinion now. No he had to leave the internets behind, they were no longer safe.

He paused for a moment contemplating how he was going to get to Wall Street without getting caught. He knew that going in guns blazing wouldn't work because he had no guns. No he'd have to go old school, use his brains and a whole lot of hard labor. He sat up, his bullís breath hot and heavy in the night air with the steady strum of the gyrocopters in the background. Wondering what kind of new friends he would never make and what kind of new content he would never see if he didn't make it he slowly trundled forward a plane forming in his mind. A plan so awesome that even the great Captain Kirk would be blown away by.

Unfortunately his mind was so removed from the moment that he didn't notice a strange gleam from a shiny black object in the hands of a man. A man most mortals knew as completely and totally unstoppable.

*Cue organ music*

Who is this unstoppable man? What does he want? What is Cowzilla3's truly awesome plan and will it work? Will MaxVest help him in his quest? Tune in next time. Same cow time, same cow channel.

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2. This is how you do it.
3. Or this way.

Bull Cockey

Advent fun.

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