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Cowzilla3 avatar 10:36 PM on 08.06.2007  (server time)
More Drinks Workman Can't Handle

A drinking challenge Mr. Ron "insert thing you have in the middle of your name here" Workman? Be forewarned, you have an arch nemesis and it is I! For as long as you do nothing to bring Bartender DS to these shores I shall be forced to drink you under the table, through the floor, into the next apartment (the one with the little old lady who sometimes bakes cookies), down through the sewer system, through the earths molten core (possibly stopping to make fun of the blind mole men), and straight to China where the communist will be forced to design a game called Incorruptible Drinker.

I would just give up now and begin starting your small gaming company that will import Bartender DS to our shores and translate accordingly but if you insist on carrying on with this charade, my fool hardy rival, you should know I am now a full day ahead of you in drinking, having consumed, via time travel, a days worth of alcohol twice. Perhaps if you would wish to catch up these drinks might entice:


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