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Cowzilla3 avatar 9:37 AM on 10.29.2007  (server time)
Monday Review: Dan in Real Life

You may have been hoping for a little Saw IV but they didn't pre-screen it and there is no way I am paying for it on the big screen, even though I actually enjoyed the third. Of course I'm guessing you don't really wait for my reviews anyway...

Real Life Advice

Dear Monday Review,
I am a recently released movie starring Steve Carell and Dane Cook called ďDan in Real LifeĒ in which Carell plays Dan, a widowed advice columnist with three daughters who, while on a family trip to visit his parents and siblings, meets the perfect woman in a book shop only to have it turn out that she is in fact his brotherís (Cook) new girlfriend. Dan and the dream woman, Marie (Juliette Binoche), are stuck in the same house, clearly interested in each other but unable to act thanks to the fact she is dating his brother. My worry is that my storyline is not original enough and my humor a bit too slapstick to really draw in the type of audiences Iím looking for. What can I do? Am I smart and quirky like I present myself to be or am I just bland? Please help!!!
Searching in Cinemas
P.S. Iím rated PG-13 and have a running time of 95 minutes, if that helps.

No matter what your style of comedy you have to like on of them.

Dear Searching,
You need to worry less and realize that you have far more strong points than weak ones. While I will not argue with your point about your story not being all that original and your premise being used before I would point out that it is not always the story that matters but what you do with it and it appears to me that you have done the most possible with yours.
For instance, did you notice that you have a fantastic blend of slapstick comedy, witty screenwriting and a sort of down to earth look at families? Youíre sort of a happy medium between the crazy humor of ďMeet the ParentsĒ and the more subdued stylings of a quirky indie comedy, though the entirely indie band sound track is pushing it a bit. I would think that these features would draw a great crowd looking for a few laughs and maybe even a couple of tears. They will definitely draw in anyone who is looking for a little heart with their comedy.

See, you make a woman laugh and she's yours.

Also, donít forget your greatest asset and crowd pleaser, Steve Carell. Put a little faith in the fact that one of the best comedians out there is going to make you a better film. In fact Carellís simple charm and hilarious awkward everyman fits perfectly into this role and while I can see you being worried with Dane Cook being so hit or miss (mostly miss) in his roles there is no need to be. Cook is fine, and is actually a pretty decent comedic foil to Carellís style of comedy.
If you have anything to be worried about it is that you donít give an audience enough of yourself. A little more character development could have gone a long way to make you the best comedy out there, sometimes you seem to rush a little and your plot development suffers for it. But donít worry, itís your charm and fun that people are coming to see and anyone who views you will get enough of both to be happy with their time spent with you. Keep your chin up and donít listen to those people putting you down.
Five out of five. I had a great time, go see it.


Also this song is in the movie and I like this home made video is either a testament to an awesome friendship or strangley homoerotic

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