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Cowzilla3 avatar 7:08 AM on 08.13.2007  (server time)
I'm Never Going On Vacation Again (Ron Workman Can't Drink)

So I leave for two days for the beach and I come back and my girlfriend is pissed off that she didn't come, I have a sun burn, my gaming schedule is entirely thrown off and now I really, really don't want to go back to work. All of which I could of predicted and would of been just fine with if I hadn't also


Not that I thought I was going to dominate it but just being considered would of been nice. The worst thing about it is that that the last post I read was the fucking post before the PAX competition one. This should just learn me that the outdoors, women in bikinis and drinking should never come before video ga...ok wait, scratch the women in bikinis and drinking part. Still my lack of constant vigilance has destroyed me.

In the end I blame Ron Workman, without whom I would not have felt so pressured to drink, even though I am easily a week ahead of him in all things alcohol and he could barely be called my rival anymore. However, since he probably is still vainly trying to catch up like a gimp monkey in a monkey racing contest and because I don't want this post to be just me bitching, here some more drinks he could try:

Bartender DS will come to these shores Rooooon, and you must make it happen.

In case you missed the first entries into the Workman challenge

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