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9:37 PM on 01.15.2012

75% off Dead Space 1 & 2 on Steam

Get Dead Space 1 & 2 for five bucks each on steam.
This was an all weekend sale but I just caught it. You have until 11:59am!   read

3:31 AM on 06.07.2011

Sony is pushing forward its features like it's nobody's business

While watching E3 today, I was totally stoked off all of the gaming hardware and software, but what really surprised me the most today is Sony's dedication to pushing forward its features; as the title suggests. Sony has been known for expensive hardware like the launch of the PS3 and PSP Go. Well it seems as Sony has snapped out of that phase and their new outlook on hardware will drastically improve the sales of their gaming software.

My first example would be their new PlayStation branded 3D display. It's a 24" monitor with a stereoscopic display that can simultaneously display two images on the same screen. This means two players can see their own full screen image on the same screen instead of the traditional split screen. (3D glasses for both players is required) This technology is really impressive, I literally used to talk about how cool that would be a few years ago. While 499$ plus 69$ for an additional pair of glasses (if needed) is still a pretty big investment, it will get you into the 3D gaming world for a lot cheaper than buying a 3D television plus 3D glasses which are still crazy expensive. It also comes with a copy of Resistance 3, HDMI cable, and a pair of 3D glasses to get your started. 3D gaming is expanding at a very slow pace and this gaming monitor is Sony's way of trying to speed up the process.

The Kinect is covering it's eyes as the PlayStation Move shines with it's new line up compatible video games. While games like Just Dance 3 and Child of Eden may be more suitable for the Kinect, it doesn't seem like it would play shooter games smoothly. I find holding an imaginary gun just a little bit awkward. Not to mention the movement. ( I still don't understand how that would work) Sony announced an incredibly good bundle for Resistance 3. It includes a copy of Resistance 3, PlayStation Eye, PlayStation Motion Controller, PlayStation Navigation Controller, and the PlayStation Move Sharpshooter. All these things would cost around 220$, but you can buy this bundle for 150$. This is really convenient to me because with all the alluring new content that's compatible with the PlayStation Move, I was convinced to buy all the things needed, but I can get everything required plus a lot more for less. This will bump up the sales of the PlayStation Move and ultimately help sell more compatible titles.

This next piece of hardware is packed with new ways to play games on the go. While it exceeds graphically, the PlayStation Vita has a bunch of new features that can be used fluently for smooth and interesting game play. The price is at 249$ for the Wi-fi version and 299$ for the 3G version. I'm really looking forward to how the 3G keeps up with connectivity and online game play. When put up against its rival, the Nintendo 3DS, the PlayStation Vita has better graphics, an arguably more intuitive; easy to use touch screen, a larger display, and the option for 3G. I'm really happy with the 5" display. The 3DS screen is too small for my liking and the reason why I think it is small is because it certainly gives the 3DS refresh something to improve upon. With the same price as the Nintendo 3DS I think you are getting a better deal with the PlayStation Vita. With a handheld that is filled with features as much as this for an affordable price, it will sell better which will lead to more titles bought and more titles being made for it.

So Sony is definitely taking a step into the right direction because this is the way to get a new type of gaming started. I hope other companies take notes on what Sony is doing. Even if Sony doesn't see an increase in revenue, I think it is far better to sell more products for less, than to sell fewer products for more.   read

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