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  • 1:58 AM on 11.13.2013  

    My Top 10 Games of the Seventh Generation

    With the Playstation 4 being released in only 2 days, the next generation is slowly coming up on us. With this, I decided to put a list together of my favourite games of the 7th generation of consoles, hopefully you like the list!

    1:32 AM on 08.23.2013  

    Do Not Masturbate in a Public Restroom - Chapter 2 [Video]

    Arthur has been called the the principal's office, what could possibly happen to him? How much trouble could this lead him into? Is this the end of our hero? Let's find out in Chapter 2 of the greatest fan fiction ever told!

    12:44 AM on 08.18.2013  

    Do Not Masturbate in a Public Restroom - Chapter 1 [Video]

    About 5 or so years ago, I managed to stumble across this wonderful Fan Fiction based off of the hit television show "Arthur". What starts as a normal day for Arthur, leads into a series of trials and tribulations for himself and his friends, all surrounded by his unbelievable urge to do the naughty thing. It's amazing how few people have heard of this Fan Fiction, so I made this reading so hopefully more people will be exposed to it.

    The original author got banned from, unfortunately.

    A link to the wonderful work

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