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CousinDupree avatar 6:20 AM on 10.26.2013  (server time)
Because VIDEO GAMES: 5 things CousinDupree is excited about (Stolen!)

First things first. If you haven't read ShadeOfLight's blog, go now. Seriously. Go. I'll wait.

Right. Now that you've read his blog you can come back here and read my cheap knock-off.

Before we start though, I want to quickly explain what I loved about his blog. The video game industry is plagued with cynicism and controversy, so it's very easy to become jaded. Being jaded may be easy, but isn't particularly productive or fun. So Shade (is that what I call you? I'm relatively new here....) wrote a blog about being happy and excited. And not only that, he wrote a blog about all the things that he's happy and excited about. It was awesome and utterly infectious.

In one delicious swoop he managed to ignite a passion in me. A burning passion. A red raw passion. A passion that could only be satiated by sharing the things I'm happy and excited about.

So let's get excited, motherfuckers.

5. I've just started playing Earthbound for the first time, and it's amazing!

*Minor spoilers......I guess*

I love it when Nintendo gets weird. Because when Nintendo gets weird, they get weeeeiiirrrddd. So it's kinda silly that it's taken me this long to get around to playing Earthbound; a game that epitomises weird Nintendo. But I'm playing it now. And you know what? It frigging rocks!

I didn't really know what to expect going in, but my fears were quickly erased when the following two things happened:

1. One of the first enemies you fight is a skeevy little crow that wears sunglasses and steals your bread rolls. THIS is the music that plays when you fight him.

2. The first boss is a 1950's greaser. He's fairly easy to beat, but he has a secret weapon. It's a giant wooden mech version of himself.

At this point I was at a total loss for words. It's utterly bizarre and I love it!

The whole game feels like a really weird Pokémon, but faster and more streamlined. I'm really excited to keep playing, because I know it's only going to get more crazy.

4. The Witness!

This trailer fills me with a child like glee that I can't explain. I was already excited for this game, but I recently played through Braid for the first time and now my hype levels are through the roof. Just look at it!

The graphics are gorgeous, the premise is intriguing and the music is killer.

I want this inside me.

3. Ass Creed 4: PIRATES!

It's just another Ass Creed game, right? It's just like all the other ones. Shitty combat and shitty stealth. Another entry in a long line of yearly cash ins.

Well, you know what? I don't care! It's about Pirates! Pirates! Pirates are objectively rad and therefore this game will be objectively rad!

I'm genuinely more excited for this game than basically any other AAA game launching this year. I really loved the naval combat in Ass Creed 3, but wanted more of it, so I think the pirate setting is perfect.

Pirates are honestly the best thing ever.

2. #teamfroakie

Froakie is the best thing to happen to Pokémon since Miltank.

1. Super Mario 3d World gives me life!

Do you know what's absolutely amazing? We can press buttons and then things will move on a screen. That's what reading Shade's blog reminded me. The mere existence of video games blows my mind. And no other upcoming game reminds me of that fact more than Super Mario 3D World.

Let's step back a few months. I was one of the three people who was actually excited about this game when it was first revealed at E3. 3D Mario games are, after all, my spirit animal, so getting the chance to play them with friends was infinitely exciting.

Then they showed that trailer. And my mind was absolutely blown. It was all my Christmas' and birthdays at once. It was almost too much to handle. Four hundred bazillion new powerups. Jazzy soundtrack. Crazy new worlds. I was drooling. I still am drooling.

So in conclusion: video games are awesome!

And Shade is absolutely right. We should be excited about them. And we should be passionate about them. And we should be hyping all over our best pair of pants.



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