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CountZeroOR's blog

9:44 PM on 02.06.2013

Nintendo Power Retrospective - Part 9

The Retrospective rolls on with Nintendo Power #3 - featuring the first port from a PC that I've reviewed thus far. Main Title: 'Jazz Plumber Trio' - Remixed by DJPretzel - Closing Credi...   read

11:23 PM on 01.23.2013

Nintendo Power Retrospective - Part 8

This week we continue with Nintendo Power #2, and a few games that are somewhat contraversial. Main Title: 'Jazz Plumber Trio' - Remixed by DJPretzel - Closing Credits: 'The Accursed Se...   read

3:25 PM on 01.09.2013

Nintendo Power Retrospective - Part 7

This week, it's time to get started with Nintendo Power #1, with reviews of 7 games! Main Title: 'Jazz Plumber Trio' - Remixed by DJPretzel - Closing Credits: 'Feeding Frenzy' - Remixed by goat -   read

5:02 PM on 12.26.2012

Nintendo Power Retrospective - Part 6

This week I'm recapping the last issue of Nintendo Fun Club News. From here on, we enter the realm of Nintendo Power. It's just a shame that Fun Club News goes out with a whimper. Game Reviewed: Wizards & Warriors   read

1:47 AM on 12.13.2012

Nintendo Power Retrospective - Part 5

This week the Nintendo Power Recaps reach issue #6 of the Nintendo Fun Club News. Games Reviewed: NES Golf Double Dragon   read

1:39 PM on 11.29.2012

Nintendo Power Retrospective - Part 4

This week, due to an error on my part from the last installment, I'm covering two issues of Nintendo Fun Club News - Issues #4 & #5 Games Reviewed: RC Pro-Am Ice Hockey The Goonies II   read

12:12 AM on 11.15.2012

Nintendo Power Retrospective - Part 3

This week I take a look at the third issue of the Nintendo Fun Club News, featuring Mike Tyson's Punch Out!, Metroid, Kid Icarus, and Rad Racer!   read

11:35 PM on 10.25.2012

Nintendo Power Retrospective - Part 2

This week I'm taking a look at Nintendo Fun Club News issue 2, with thoughts on Legend of Zelda, Pro Wrestling, Slalom and Volleyball. I'll be revisiting The Legend of Zelda when I get to Nintendo Power #1, where I'll speci...   read

11:05 PM on 10.16.2012

Nintendo Power Retrospective - Part 1

I've decided to start running my most recent video series (or sub-series, on Destructoid) - a retrospective of issues of Nintendo Power, going from the Nintendo Fun Club news, possibly all the way until the end (or until Nintendo Power is revived, whichever comes first). Oh, and Wil Wheaton's blog post about the tournament can be found here.   read

1:38 AM on 06.28.2009

Paying for stuff on the disk? Not that bad.

This is in response to this rant by Jim Sterling right here. I'm giving my rant it's own blog entry because, basically, it may have enough content to merit one. I must admit I used to poo-poo this sort of DLC, considering i...   read

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