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Count Grishnack avatar 2:50 PM on 02.01.2009  (server time)
10 Things you don't know about Grishnack

10. I like to write about a ton of shit.

Be it video games, sports, music or ye olde boring news articles, journalism is my passion. I've done quite a bit of quasi-professional writing and hope to remove the quasi part some time soon. I write reviews for Popmatters (free games), covered music in Boston for BostonMusicSpotlight (free shows) and got into a bunch of random events at my college because I was "with the press" - which is always fun to say.

9. I'm a college graduate and unemployed.

As much as the second part of that sucks, it's a part of me now. The economy sucks and newspapers are struggling so finding a gig is tough. But hey, games are a great way to pass the time between looking on craigslist.

8. I have a girlfriend of six+ years.

It's pretty crazy to type that, as we're almost at "common law" status. She's great and helped me through a ton of tough times. Not a gamer (I've tried), but she understands and even puts up with talking to me on the phone during Halo of Left 4 Dead sessions.

7. I love Dtoid and want to become more involved.

I am sure this applies to everyone making one of these, but this site is great. I check it like fifty times a day, feel like I know people who I actually don't and generally think this place is rad. I've gotta get into some FNF or something and hang out with ya'll more.

6. I'll secretly never forgive my parents for trading in my old systems or whatever they did to them.

I had NES, SNES and Genesis and a fair amount of games for each. All gone. No idea where they went. I am eventually going to re-buy them, as those systems kick a megaton of ass and my gaming rig is pretty sparse.

5. I am a chronic game un-finisher.

God of War, Shadow of the Colossus, Mass Effect, MGS 3 Snake Eater. These are just some of the biggest titles I have yet to finish. I feel terrible for it. When a new game comes along, I get obsessed with it until the next game comes along. Or I get to the very very end and just don't do it. It's weird. Thus, I have a stack of unfinished titles that I really want to end someday. I am getting better though.

4. My favorite game ever is Final Fantasy VIII and I won't be convinced VII was better.

That is all.

3. My nick comes from the metal band Mayhem, who I don't even like.

I just thought it was badass and it stuck, all the way from Halo 1. The guy is pretty crazy though.

2. I have a horrible sense of direction and get lost VERY easily.

Even with printout directions I get lost. It sucks. So I try to drive as little as possible in unfamiliar lands.

1. I am a grammar Nazi so rub it in my face if something is wrong, I am used to it.

It's a journalism thing. Comma usage, "people are a who," never using semi colons and a bunch of other odd writerly things were drilled into my brain. I even text and talk online in as proper English as time allows.

It's been awesome reading all your lists and way to go SilverDragon on starting a good thing here!

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