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Count Grishnack's blog

11:09 AM on 03.25.2010

The day the gaming died

Last night I threw up a cblog about how my 360 and Wii were stolen. The response from the community was ten times as heartening as I thought it would be. As of writing, there are 40 faps and twenty-something comments -- all o...   read

7:27 PM on 03.24.2010

Help out a fellow Dtoider by catching a criminal (shortblog)

Hey. I am going to be brief here as time is of the essence. But my 360/Wii were stolen. The fool has signed into XBL and is on right now. He changed my gamertag from Count Gr1shnack (I may be on some Dtoider lists from some FNFs) to Killa Eyes vF 7. I don't know what ya'll can do, but I figure it can't hurt to have more feelers out there. Thanks.   read

2:37 PM on 06.19.2009

Duels of the Planeswalkers trial impressions (from a former MTG junkie)

Not too long ago, I was a huge Magic: The Gathering player. I frequented weekly tournaments, worked a job selling the cards/hosting tournaments in our store, reading sites about the game and generally obsessing about it. I ...   read

7:32 PM on 04.08.2009

Why everyone needs to STFU about the SotC film (shortishblog)

I am in your films, makin you angry. So the internets have been ablaze with the news that the beloved PS2 title Shadow of the Colossus will be adapted to the big screen. This news has angered fans of the game beyond belief....   read

3:08 PM on 04.05.2009

Dtoid comment of the week!

So week two of the Dtoid comment of the week proved much harder than week one. First off, I only found one comment I thought was clever/funny during the week (hence this being on Sunday instead of Friday) so I had to dig th...   read

2:52 PM on 03.31.2009

Anthony Burch spotted on The Escapist (shortblog)

That is all.   read

9:41 AM on 03.30.2009

Star Ocean: The Last Hope review

I have never played a game in the Star Ocean series. Depending on your viewpoint, that will either validate or invalidate everything you're about to read. That said, I've recently played Lost Odyssey and some of Mass Effect...   read

3:23 PM on 03.27.2009

Dtoid comment of the week! 3/23-3/27

An underrated part of the Dtoid community is the wealth of hilarious comments users post. This is my way of highlighting those and giving back to the community. These are comments I find clever, witty, funny, pithy and variou...   read

2:55 PM on 03.24.2009

Dtoid comment of the week coming (shortblog)

So many other blogs do the whole comment of the week thing and I figured, "Hey, I have a ton of time and read Dtoid all day anyway, why don't I do it?" So I'm going to. The first one is slated for Friday, with comments from ...   read

12:35 PM on 03.07.2009

15 ways drinks/drinking and video games are alike

Both... ...can cause you to break things ...are better with friends ...can sometimes get to ridiculous levels of competition ...are expensive habits ...have good relationships with junk food ...make certain types of peo...   read

11:31 AM on 02.25.2009

The Mt. Rushmore of video games

I am a big sports fan. Sports and video games (oddly, not sports games) take up a ton of my free time. Lately, ESPN has been running with this idea of a Mt. Rushmore of sports basically, the four most influential faces of s...   read

3:43 PM on 02.05.2009

Halo Wars demo impressions

So the Halo Wars demo hit today with very little fanfare. I had no idea it was even dropping until turning on my 360 today. So, how does this console RTS play? The RTS may never be right on the console, and it seems as th...   read

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