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Cough Syrup avatar 11:13 PM on 08.05.2010  (server time)
First!: In Over My Head

I'm Cough Syrup. I recently assumed this new virtual identity because my old one is too close to my meatspace username. I hate talking about myself. The only reason I'm doing this is that I pumped out an admittedly mediocre monthly musing at 4 AM yesterday, but a few sources insisted I do an intro post first. Here goes nothing.

To make this easier to read and to create tons of filler, I'm going to take a bunch of pictures with my digital camera and post them here. I knew I bought that camera for something. I've literally taken four pictures with it to date: two of me covering a friend's room with tin foil, one of a dog bite on my arm that resembles a smilie face, and one of some coins standing on their edges. I was going to post a picture of myself but I'm too paranoid to post it, even if I'm wearing a mask and 3D glasses. Look at this instead.

That's a plastic skull wearing my awesome hat, 3D glasses, and the nerdiest shirt I own. It lights up to tell you how strong the wifi signal is where you are. It's not on in the shot because I lost the battery pack. I can't wear it in public anymore because wearing a light-up shirt screams, "LOOK AT ME I'M DESPERATE FOR ATTENTION!" I want to convey a message closer to, "Leave me alone, I don't like people."

After spending a few minutes on the non-frontpage portion of this site, I made a few generalizations about every member of this community. I want to start off by saying that I'm not being serious with these next parts, and I don't want to offend anybody.

For starters, everyone seems to like video games. This is good, as I also enjoy video games, but haven't played as much since I started college. To prove how out-of-touch I've become, here are the last five games I bought:
= Super Mario Galaxy 2
= Left 4 Dead 2
= Skate
= Skate 2
= DJ Hero
To give you some temporal reference points, I bought SMG2 on launch day and got DJ Hero for Christmas. These are all the games I bought in the last eight months. I barely played L4D2 and Skate 2 is still in it's shrink-wrap.

Enough about me, let's get back to y'all. I noticed that some of you seem to have a mental condition (OCD, ADD, ect.). I haven't been diagnosed with anything but I'm pretty sure I have some sort of anxiety problem. Wikipedia convinced me that I have Schizoid Personality Disorder, but Avoidant Personality Disorder is an option too. If all of those are wrong then I think I might be a hypochondriac.

Now for the seriousness again. Since this site is all about video games, I guess I'll list off the consoles I have owned. I don't know how many of them are in my possession or still work, but I really only use my 360 and PC now anyway.
= Nintendo 64
= Gameboy (Regular, Color, and Advance)
= PlayStation
= Gamecube
= Playstation 2
= Dreamcast
= DS (Regular)
= Wii
= Xbox 360
And PC of course. Currently I have a Dell Studio 1555, and I'm not super pleased with it. Here's a picture of it with the unfinished post on-screen.

In highschool I thought I was a nerd. I out-nerded almost everyone I knew. At college, I learned that I wasn't a nerd, just anti-social. All of my college friends have at least a hundred times more nerd cred than I do. I met people who collect comics and DVDs and play Dungeons and Dragons and watched Firefly. They know that Han shot first and that there is, in fact, a cow level. This is in sharp contrast to me, as the nerdiest thing I've ever done (at the time I met them) was pull an all-nighter to beat Pokemon Snap in one go and grind Agility in Runescape.

I've really gone off topic and don't know what to write anymore. I'm not this interested in me, and I don't know why you would be. Not that I've written all that much about myself. I don't know what else to put here except a plea for comments and this picture of a pile of somewhat nerdy stuff in my room.

Tell me what you think in the comments, and if you enjoyed this for some reason, fap it. I don't plan on doing these often, but if a ton of people seem to like them I'll put in more of an effort.

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