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Just a couple of guys who like to play games and yell at each other. Our videos will encompass everything from old favourites to the new and strange. So watch us play these games and yell at each other. We hope you find as much amusement out of this as we do.

It's not a journey
It's a drop in eternity
Many drops make the ocean
An ocean guided by visions
By dreams

A fern by my window
And there you are
And there you are not
My greed
My muse
My sublime

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A silence. That calm before the storm. You have one moment. Once chance. Will you take it, or will you roll your eyes at this blatant Eminem reference? These are the thoughts buzzing through the heads of the Couch Crabs. For this week, the Couch Crabs face their biggest challenge yet: Project Diva


A few months ago the Couch Crabs embarked on a poorly conceived pilgrimage to Tokyo in search of arcades and reasonably priced sake we stumbled upon an arcade game with a line stretching around the floor.  It was Project Diva, the latest sensation in the Japanese arcade scene. It's an addictive rhythm game that tests your metal and visuals which trial how resistant you are from going into epileptic shock.

The Crabs purchased a copy and brought it back to Pittsburgh where armed with a case of High Life they will fight for the future of their souls. 


It's been a busy time for the crabs. Earlier a round of the Sega Saturn Classic: Bug Too! had them on the ropes. Now Diva has come for the knockout blow. 

Check out this video and learn a little bit about the amazing arcade culture in Japan.  It was an incredible time playing games in an environment that seldom exists back here at home. Feel free to subscribe to our channel to see part 2 of our run with Project Diva which will go up tomorrow morning. Later in the week will release the second chapter of our time with the bizarre Bug Too! and a romp through the first level of Dynasty Warriors: Gundam.


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