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CoruptAI125 avatar 1:50 AM on 01.12.2012  (server time)
My limited CES photo album

So I was lucky enough to visit CES on the first day for few hours courtesy of Samsung. I was hired to do surveys that were far to long for anybody to sit through on a show floor. Needless to say it was a disaster, but I came out with a few miscellaneous photos that are mainly from the halls and a few in the samsung booth. Let it be known that most of these photos aren't very interesting and are of the quality you can get from an iPod touch.

Now lets start that wall of photos!

Here we have the Galaxy Note lounge under construction

Even still there was a longgggg wait

Just inside the front entrance of the convention center

Badges!! Badges HERE!

Walking through the halls

This is a HUGE 3D display that I passed by. Unfortunately I didn't catch the manufacturer

Inside the Samsung booth (east side)

Parking was 10 dollars but luckily only a few minutes walk from the convention center

Entrance to North Hall which I unfortunately couldn't see

Another pic of the WALL SIZE 3D DISPLAY!

Here's the main entrance to Samsung's booth (C4)

Going under the CES arch

Believe me they have no problem yelling about keeping your badge facing forward

Little farther back from the arch and a little blurry (sorry!)

Ahhh CNET, you're still the king!?!?!?

Some of the crowd from the Samsung booth

Just a miscellaneous sign *sigh*

Yet another arch picture *sigh*

Ready for 2013!!!

Walking the GIANT hall from the entrance

Make. Believe staying strong

More walking the long hall

Just out of frame on the right is a Nathan's. Oh how I crave thee

Here's a little peak at the Engadget booth

Something a little more exciting is a pic of the giant TV cubes hanging from the ceiling of Samsung

Finally a pic of my badge. I'm not actually from Ridgefield Park, but Samsung for some reason put that on all their employee's badges. I'm actually a local to Vegas. HHMMMMMMMMM!!!!!

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