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CoruptAI125 avatar 2:34 PM on 05.19.2011  (server time)
DLC Review: Honest Hearts

Fallout New Vegas: Honest Hearts

The telltale story of religion in no mans land

Played to completion on Very Easy Difficulty, Loaded late save to see alternate ending

Honest Hearts picks up a thread left behind in New Vegas, The Burned Man. You've been invited on an expedition to Zion to open trade with the New Cannanites. Send your companion away, pack up your favorite unique Laser Cannon, and get ready for a ride.

It isn't long into your trip that things take a turn for the worst. Your traveling companions are wiped out by a vicious assult from the tribal natives. After fighting your way out of the ambush, you will soon be rescued by Joshua Graham's subordinate, Follows-Chalk. Turns out Joshua needs your help to Evacuated Zion and save the tribes from the White Legs, a group out to eradicate the tribes of Zion in the name of Ceaser.

Joshua Graham puts up quite the Performance

Thankfully unlike Dead Money, Honest Hearts is exactly the expansion most Fallout Fans wanted. Zion presents a whole new map to explore similar to the Point Lookout expansion of Fallout 3, albeit quite a bit smaller. The majority of your quests set you out to explore the area's around Zion, Getting supplies for the evacuation. On top of that, there are a few side quests and non-quest area's to explore and find some unique weapons and gear. The area itself looks as good as fallout can look with some great tribal art assets painted around the area to give the land a certain ambiance. Voice acting is great as usual with good performances for all the main players expecially Joshua himself. The quest will last you around 3-4 hours and take you to all corners of the Zion park.

Look out, he's got a stick

Honest Hearts is the DLC every Fallout fan has been hoping for. A brand new area, A bunch of new weapons and items, and a story branch that picks up where from a story thread built up by the main game. If your a Fallout Fan definetly pick this up.


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