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2:43 PM on 12.03.2009  

Quick Review: Left 4 Dead 2

Hacking apart zombies limb from fucking limb as a man in a tuxedo is the fucking win. I can't help but pretend that I'm Patrick Bateman from American Psycho as I take a fireaxe to a zombie's face. "TRY GETTING A RESERVATION AT DORSIA NOW YOU FUCKING STUPID BASTARD! YOU, FUCKING BASTARD!" Pure win.

Left 4 Dead 2 is a decent improvement over the first. Which was also a fantastic game. However it was mostly the same mechanics. Which of course isn't a bad thing. There's a lot of replay value to be had with multiplayer and the different modes. Realism mode is fucking merciless. An excellent challenge to those that think they're the shit.

There are a lot of new things in L4D2. New characters, new guns, the addition of melee weapons, 5 new campaigns with 4-5 chapters each, new special infected and new game modes.

I'm down with that.

8.5 / 10   read

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