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Corpral Hicks's blog

6:26 PM on 05.21.2012

Black Ops2 Zombiessss....!!!!!!!!!

Hey everyone on DTOID what is up? Well I tell you what is up obviously black ops2 and what i am going to cover zombies. I just wanted to take a little time to talk about it and see if anybody would read my blog or not. Ok first off theres not alot of info released on zombies just yet but alot to think about with what we have been shown. I do not know who all has heard this but here is the information I have gathered so far. Black Ops 2 zombies will be using a "new" engine specifically the one they use for multiplayer which gives them the capabilites to have twice the zombies out on the map and up to 8players at once. There will be new modes no new ones have yet to be revealed but my guess could be l4d style type ones running from safe house to safe house or more like objective to objective for black ops 2. I also just as a guess would be a campagin for zombies as suggested by this picture. [img]

If you guys want anymore info I strongly suggest checking out MrDalekJD channel and I leave a link to one of his videos please like his video,thumbs up, and subscribe.
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