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Cornflake head's blog

2:52 AM on 07.25.2009

Madballs has rolled into my life

First off. I am so very sorry for the pun. After I've finished typing this I will go sacrifice a thousand kittens to the gods.

And in no means is this a 'review'. Just my two cents.

This game is mad fun. I've only played a few hours and a couple of deathmatches so I dont know how long the game will last me. While it's hardly the best arcade release, the gameplay is kinda repetative and the online has some lag issues, but for an arcade title, theres a surprising amount of depth to it. At times I forgot I only payed ten bucks for it.

You bassically roll around and shoot stuff. It shouldnt be as good as it is. In some of the later levels the level design is close to terrible. There's even a stupid stealth section that is rediculously hard. But I don't know, your a ball, you roll around with a freaking shot gun and blow up other evil balls. It's sometimes hard to fualt.

But I enjoyed this most when I played online. The 'blow up the other dudes base' mode is pretty cool. But I had most fun in the deathmatches, esspeacialy the avatar mode. It's mindless fun, but its fun nonetheless.

So yeah, I think pretty positivley of the game, but the demo gives you a pretty good view of the game. If you like the demo then I say download it.   read

4:20 AM on 07.24.2009

'Splosion man! : Impressions

I bought this game after reading Dtoid's review. After about 15 mins, I was hooked. I fell in love with this game, go buy it!

Although, this game is extremely fustrating in parts. Not to mention I got motion sickness by staring at the loading screen, those things aside, I can't really think of too much to fualt with this game. It's got heaps of character, great level design and is one of the most addictive games on XBLA. Oh and its only a mere 800 points.

I would write more, but I want to spend my free time 'splodin' thangs! Just my two cents. Go buy!   read

8:03 AM on 04.21.2009

The "Sorry my intro blog was so short, so here is a longer one" blog.

Omg. Did I just spam blog? Oh noes. Well, I'm sorry. But I think you should know more about me. So without further ado. I shall put up my flamer sheilds, for my fragile ego and start blogging.

So, I will start where it all began. May 20th, 1994. I popped out my mummy's vagina and was bought into this cruel, cruel world. Yes, that means I'm only just turning 15. Big whoopie. I'm not a veteran gamer, but I sure have a lot of time. I was born in Portsmouth, Southern England, Hampshire, U.K, Europe, Earth. I have been raised in a nearby town called Gosport for 14 years. Until 3 months ago when i moved out here to Australia.

My gaming started when I was about 5-ish. When I got my PS1 and "Disney Action games: Hercules" Which honestly wasnt bad, when I was 5. I still remember that godamn 3 headed dragon boss. Grr. Then a few years later, I got my GBC. I was so exited and played Pokémon Blue forever. I fucking own at Pokémon Blue, fucking own. Then at somepoint got my PS2, GBA, GBA SP, GC and then my DS. Oh and about 2 years ago I got my 360.

I really enjoyed Platformers, puzzles and RPGs. Recently I've become an absolute Rythm game fan. Which only started becuase of my Guitar Hero obsession. Shooters are fun too. But what I really enjoy getting into is a good "retro" game. Becuase I never played them in there prime, it's great to experiance what everyone loved. With an open mind, I often get really hooked in an old RPG (Recently engaged with Chrono Trigger and Street Fighter 2 (Super, turbo))

I dont take gaming too seriously. I'm not a fanboy of any console/ company. I just enjoy gaming. It's a fun pastime, theres bad games, theres good games. Meh. Oh, my name Is Carl.

I live near an up-to-date arcade, so I often get to experiance all the new Arcade games. I'm returning to Tekken 6 Bloodliine Rebellion at the moment. So yeah, looking foward to being part of the Dtoid community. Hazzah!

G'night peeps.   read

7:36 AM on 04.20.2009

Guitar Hero Arcade - Review

I've spent to much of my life playing Guitar Hero. I've completed all the expert modes on all the games. I actualy look forward to the next release. I've got three diferent plastic axe's. My trip to the local arcade started of as usual. Then, I saw it. The large, sparkly, loud and coulorful cabnet. My life changed forever, but for the better?

[b]Game: Guitar Hero Arcade
Date: Dunno
ERSB: Dunno
Players: 2
Platform: Money whore machine[/b]

I swiped my card (Yes, its one of those machines), picked up the plastic guitar, chose Expert mode, Selected "Cult of Personality" by Living Colour and was overly underwhelmed.

Wait...This is Guitar Hero 3? This is the same setlist (Apart from a few new decent songs...), same graphics and same characters. Okay. Maybe they changeed the note charts a bit? Nope. Wait. Yes they have! What was I thinking. They've made the notes slightly delayed, just to fuck up your muscle memory. There were some changes in the Hammer on/ pull off system. But not for the better. You have to do them in a very specific way. Something I couldnt get my head around.

Okay, the gameplay isnt quite broken, but...well, yes its broken. But what about the the guitars? Well, it might have just been poor care of them. But they were complete piles of shite. They registered about 75% of the time. They were awkwardly shaped and not comfortable to use at all. So about the second solo mark, I failed. For a Guitar Hero veteran, it's the equivelant of a midget jumping out of your pants, the kicking you in the knackers.

So, I thought. I must have at least another song or two, maybe I could work out what was wrong. Nope. Just a "Please insert credit(s)" screen. Oh? $2.20...A song? Thats almost double the amount for a song on iTunes

It's expensive. Broken and just not fun. It's Guitar Hero 3 tweaked in all the wrong places. It's just not fun. Just stay clear!

Wait... Almost forgot. It sounds nice.   read

6:30 AM on 04.18.2009

Those about to die: Snacks

Being a gamer. Nothing quite like it eh? Settling down in your comfy chair. Controller in hand. Ready to 'pwn some l33t ass'. But what really makes a great gaming session?

Snacks! Doritoes, sweeties, popcorn, crisps, chips, dips, you sir's. Are about to die. 'Cuase of are busy gaming sessions, we dont have time to cook real food. Snacks are our freinds, our allies infact. Damn, gamers are very special people. Were constantly hungry and never satisfied. So we consume the innocents. The all-mighty and unfortunatly tasty. Yet we never feel sorrorw? Monsters.

But the snacks, they do fight back. They dont want you consuming them. They will deploy there cheesy droppings on your controller. They will slip their dip on your thumbs. Hell, they'll even choke you if they have to. All these things prevent you playing to your tip-top standards.

So maybe next time, you should eat meals at regular intervals and save our freinds and our skills. Or, just keep a napkin nearby.   read

12:27 AM on 04.18.2009

A new Dtoider draws near!

Hey man-people. I've been surfing this site pretty regulary for a while now. So I thought it's about time I post a blog! So yeah, I'm Carl. I like video games. Pretty new to the scene, as my first console was the PS1. But I do enjoy playing some 'retro' games (Recently completed retro game challenge (DS) ). I own a 360, PS2, Gamecube, DS and Laptop.

So yeah. Hai guys.   read

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