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Favorite System: Nintendo 64
Favorite Game: Monkey Island (maybe GoldenEye)
Favorite Franchise: Civilization

Games I'm looking forward to playing in no real order:

Fable 2
L.A. Noir
Starcraft 2
Diablo 3

Some games I've been told that i need to go back and play (seriously, i've never played any of these):

Beyond Good & Evil
Shadow of the Colossus
God of War I & II
Bard's Tale
Longest Journey
Super Metroid
Chrono Trigger
Final Fantasy VII
Viewtiful Joe
Skies of Arcadia

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I am one of the people that has had a hard on for Mass Effect since E3 2006 and this last week has been torturous (partially due to CoD4 on Veteran). Anyway, I wanted nothing more than to leave work yesterday, pick up my pre-ordered copy of ME and start playing. Here's what happened:

I get a call at work from my lone surviving Grandparent on his way to Tulsa with his new girlfriend (they're both 80+). They're going to stop in St. Louis for the night and need to know if I can set them up with a hotel room and then go out for dinner since we won't be seeing one another this Thanksgiving. So if figure I can wait a few more hours until after dinner to play ME. I mean seriously, they're both over 80, how late could they possibly stay out? So the whole dinner shenanigans lasts from 6:00, when i pick up my fiancee, to 9:30, when i finally arrive home.

I'm finally ready to play when I'm welcomed home by my roommate's mother (she's awesome). Anyway, I had apparently forgotten that she was coming in town one night early for the Thanksgiving my roommate's family is spending at our place. This doesn't really bother me as she's staying in a hotel for the holiday and usually heads to bed around 10 or so. So when I see my roommate start turning off the lights, and not having heard his mother left, i ask casually "Oh, hey, what hotel is your mom staying at?". To my eternal agony the answer was "Oh, she said she just wants to sleep on the couch until my dad arrives tomorrow.".


As you may have guessed this means the 360 is going to be idle right next to her all night. The worst part though is that I'm flying to Houston after work today until Sunday night and won't be home until 11pm. Not only that but my fiancee likes to spend the night together after a trip with family b/c of the lack of...well, "contact" during the trip. So that means I'll be unable to play ME until Monday or possibly even Tuesday night! Oh the humanity!

If the Packer's lose my entire thanksgiving will be ruined. (proof)

This is about the time i realize how great my life is when the only thing i have to worry about is when I'll get to play ME. I mean seriously, this is my biggest problem.

So ever since I heard that Psychonauts was being offered on Gametap it's been harder and harder to not sign up for the $0.99 trial offer. Well now I feel a little better about waiting because Gametap is putting Psychonauts up for free until Dec 31st (Link to said Freeness).

Anyway, since I seem to be one of the few people on Destructoid that has not yet tried this game I'm more than excited. Anyone else still need to give this game a chance?

10:47 AM on 11.09.2007

So I found this over on Xbox360Fanboy and definitely wanted to share it with everyone here. It's US only, but they're giving away 50,000 points each month for the next year. You only have to enter once too, they just automatically roll your entry over to the next month's drawing if you don't win.

Oh yeah, it's sponsored by the Battlestar Galactica Game...i think.

Anyway, go here to enter

10:38 AM on 11.06.2007

I'm not sure how many people know about the Circuit City special right now since I was out of town all weekend. Basically they are giving away Call of Duty 3 for free when you purchase Call of Duty 4. It's in their Sunday ad that you pick up when you walk into the store. Well this is what happened to me:

I slip out of work for a minute to walk to the Circuit City next to my work. I grab the last CoD 3 and have to ask a guy to grab a CoD 4 form the back (both 360 versions as i think that is what the deal applies to). When the lady at the register rings them up the FREE game is applied to the CoD 4 SKU and i pay a total of $32.50 for both games

The only thing i noticed was that she rang up the CoD 3 game FIRST. Not sure if this had anything to do with it, but i did notice it. I'll update the post with pics tonight when i get home if needed.

Now get your ass to Circuit City and take advantage of this deal they don't even know they are offering!

So Butmac made a post (this one) about an old Lucas Arts Game featuring Indiana Jones. This genre holds a special place in my heart and Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis is "a shining example of how to win".

I made a comment towards the end of the post that mentions a continuation of this series but unfortunately i feel that Butmac's post is slowly heading towards the Clog Black Hole that begins somewhere between page 2 and 3.

Anyway, Barnett College has been working on a prequel to the game called Indiana Jones and the Fountain of Youth. You can download the demo here. The game quickly reminded me of much of the lost nostalgia adventures i've been searching for all these years. A lot of the humor and style has been kept true to the original.

The only downside is that i haven't seen any progress on the game in a long ass time and i fear that it may never be finished. One of those things that was started by an ambitious couple of students that has since graduated, leaving it up to a new class to finish where they left off.

Every now and then i check in on the title hoping it's finished, but i've only ever been confronted with disappointment.

So you may remember that Jack Thompson included some gay porn in a court filing last week and was given until Friday to explain why he shouldn't be disciplined. Over on Gamepolitics they've written about how Jack has been submitting countless (13) filings and pissed the judge off even more. Now in response Jack is trying to have the judge removed from the case (since i guess it's obvious he won't be seeing any favorable rulings). Jack manages to include everything from Animal House to Monica Lewinsky to King Canute in his reasoning.

It's too good to be true, this man has to know how funny and unreasonable he is being.

Full story at Gamepolitics

Image credit goes to Tim who submitted it in a contest on ExtraLife ExtraLife Link