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Corican's blog

5:45 PM on 03.17.2009

Two Zelda Rap albums in one blog.

Two rap albums have just been released, both using music from Zelda games.
If Zelda and/or Rap is your cup of tea, check them out.

Here are some samples:


Download them both here if you're intersted:

Just thought I'd let you know!

(Found here: )   read

10:59 AM on 02.25.2009

Killzone 2: First impressions

*very mild spoilers about the first level*

About an hour ago I heard a knock on the door. It was the postman, delivering the mail very late.
Anyway, he gifted me a parcel in exchange for my signature. I eagerly unwrapped my very own copy of Killzone 2. Having ordered it from ShopTo, I was half expecting to get it early, but I didn't think it'd be this early.

But I'm not complaining.

So I popped it in, watched the opening cinematic, and went through the opening section which consisted of learning to move about, inside the ship. I then got into my landing craft and flew down into the demo.

Having played the demo a few times, I knew what I was doing, everything was the same as far as I could see. Went through, blew the bridge up, cleared the beach, went up into the building to open the floodgate.
Inside the building I carefully managed to shoot the guy standing on top of the office in the legs, so that he dropped down onto the floor where I could relieve him of his magnificent weapon.
With the delicious one-headshot-kill rifle I went eagerly out the door and opened the floodgates, popping heads as I went.

I then went along the walkways, providing covering fire for the squad below moving up.

The level ended with a massive hectic battle with tanks and rockets flying everywhere. I died twice. :(

But on the bright side; once, after dying, I was looking up from the ground and the Helghast that had killed me was standing over my corpse, shaking his fist at me in victory. Which was so cool that it made the death worthwhile.

It was a pretty intense battle and now I'm off to rescue a squad that's trapped in Visari Square.

I'm very impressed so far. It's exactly what I was expecting it to be:

So yeah...I haven't been playing long enough to give any more detail, I just wanted to say to everyone that is eagerly awaiting their copy; it's incredible, you won't be disappointed.

(I'll leave some comments on this blog later tonight to say anything else that I want to, such as multiplayer first experience etc etc...)   read

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