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PS3 Controller Add-On, A Must Have!

Well after about a week of waiting for Amazon.com to proceure this for me it finally showed up today and was waiting for me when I got home from work. What is it you might ask? It is quite possibly the best $9.99 you'll spend...


An idea for Madden 09 game commentary.

Ok so I was reading Samit's article on sports commentary and an idea came up that I thought of one day when I was talking to my boss. We were sitting around one day talking about games like we normally do. He brought up how ...


My Gaming Setup

So yesterday I had the day off and decided to do some game room cleaning. After getting the dust bunnies off the bottom shelves, removing the bottles of whiskey, and getting the room to not smell like feet, sex, and liquor I ...


Target to Sell Discounted PSP on Black Friday

Saw this posted on the below link a little while ago. If its true Target will be selling the Sony PSP for $169.99 with 5 free movies. No word if you get to choose the movies or if they have 5 preset ones. Also not sure if it...


Is the Internet Hurting Mankind?

There was an interesting article I came upon over at cracked.com the other day that got me thinking. It brought up some good questions, the link is below. http://www.cracked.com/index.php?name=News&sid=2370 Does all our te...


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