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Coonskin05 avatar 4:38 PM on 06.06.2009  (server time)
SNAG: Saturday Night Arcade Games

In what will hopefully be a weekly event, I want to start hosting XBLA games on Saturdays. Friday nights are for super cereal shooters and games that just came out (I'm looking at you RF:G). But for some reason I find the XBLA titles more enjoyable. Maybe it's just because they are simpler and don't require much effort, but I like to just be able to play some games without raging because my KD ratio in CoD4 is always at least as bad as 1:2. So if you want to just chill out and shoot the shit tonight, add Niksnooc on Live. Starting at 5 Central (in 30 minutes), I will start up some UNO, and then proceed with the following schedule.

5-6: UNO
6-7: TMNT Arcade
7-8: 1 Vs. 100
8-9: Aegis Wing
9-10: Castle Crashers
10-whenever: Texas Hold Em

(All times are Central. Adjust for your time zone as needed)

If you don't have these games or want to play something different, just leave your GT and which games you are willing to host. If you do want to play one or more of these games, leave your GT with which sessions you'll be attending. PS3 people, I don't know what the PSN library looks like, but if you want to get some games going, you can organize it in the comments as well.

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