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Conrad Zimmerman avatar 1:12 PM on 05.02.2008

Yes, yes, GTA IV is a masterpiece that everyone is adoring. Well, almost everyone. Some of us have a little restraint, after all. And for my stalwart brethren who have eschewed the pleasures of the game in lieu of a loftier goal, I offer this: Five ways you can enjoy GTA IV without actually playing it.

Pwn it in teh Haloez

I wouldn't take it on Live, though. Incredibly foul-mouthed and offensive

Have it be your Pilates partner

Remember to be conscious of your breathing

Take it out to see a movie

I highly recommend Iron Man

Enjoy a romantic, candlelight dinner

"You have really beautiful font, you know that?"

And there's always...

Also, check out the "multiplayer".

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