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Conrad Zimmerman avatar 1:16 AM on 07.02.2008
CBlogs of 7.1.2008

PROTIP: Being on FAILCAST will destroy any sense of time or responsibility that you ever had. Sorry this is a couple of hours late and, frankly, is full of drunken comments from me. When you wind up on FAILCAST, you start drinking yourself into a stupor to avoid the massive amount of fail. Enjoy your recap.

*- Friends make your gaming experiences what they are.

A- Can we cross the political divide and make Obama a gaming fan?
A- If you need further proof that an FFVII remake is unnecessary, xSledgewick has two words for you: Crisis Core
S- michiyoyoshiku looks at the versatility of the PS2 in a new series entitled, "The PS2 is also a..."
S- Control Freaks: DK Bongos (njsykora)
S- RetRose Tinted: Amagon (Conrad Zimmerman)
M- Taking the shotgun approach to the Monthly Musing, JynxShot talks about his favorite heroes
M- KyleGamgee sees parallels in his life and the characters of Balthier and Fran
M- PhazonYoshi loves a strong woman like Alyx Vance
M- Dagerr and Tidus
M- Samus Aran (pedrovay2003)
M- Majora's Mask (Phoenix Gamma)
M- Grand Theft Auto IV (Kiro_Redwolf)
M- K'Dash (Shin Oni)
M- Luigi (covah)
P- Failcast records tonight, and it will be epic

C- CBlog XBox Achieve-a-Challenge! (Ends 07.31)
C- Make some new Darious Pickman content for me and win a Dreamcast (Ends 7.7)
C- Post random crap and get the CoD4 Map Pack for PS3 (Euro only, Ends ???)

E- Tiff goes to Comic-Con
F- Pumpy wanted to play GTA IV with us tonight. Grand Tuesday Auto?
F- TFTuesday!
S- How camwhores can ruin a gaming community
S-Soul Calibur IV might need nearly 9gb of space
C- Scientist tz made Mr. Destructoid into a character for Arkham Horror
C- unstoppablejuggernaut loves the Monthly Musings and is moving to California
C- unstoppablejuggernaut wants to couch surf across America and he needs your couch
I- Meet my fiance; post contains Mr. Destructoid artwork
B- carollelogram (who has the best username I've seen in a long time) wishes Haxan a happy birthday

N- Treyarch apologizes for comment about Brothers in Arms that they didn't make
N- Gears of War 2 voice actor says the sequel will affect you more than Bioshock
N- Screenshot of Catwoman in MK vs. DC
N- has UK exclusive faceplate with pre-order of Soul Calibur IV
N- We might see Castle Crashers at the end of September
N- Fallout 3 producer disses on Diablo III
N- New site to track PS3 Trophies springs up.
N- An overview of the recent news and rumors regarding Rock band 2
N- Soul Calibur IV might need nearly 9gb of space
N- FF IV dev team asks for trouble by inviting questions from the internets
N- More songs revealed for Rock Band 2
N- Warhawk getting Trophies
N- Battlefield: Bad Company may get new features
N- The Heavy will recieve the next TF2 update
N- Chrono Trigger coming to DS
V- Video interview with De Blob developer
V- Crysis Warhead teaser
V- New Resistance 2 footage
R- Review: Summon Knight Twin
R- SunTzu review of Final Fantasy Tactics A2
R- Gear review: Rock Band drum silencers
T- GTA IV is overrated, according to Mr Dillinger
T- BahamutZero's drunken impressions of Battlefield: Bad Company
T- Dao2-SKP really loves Total Annhilation
T- coire pitches a new music game for Activision: Acoustic Hero
T- JoshDunford fears for the commercialized future of video games
T- Diablo remaining Diablo is not a bad thing
T- Guitar Hero III DLC mysteriously appeared on TheDreadHawk's 360
T- Cloudphobia looks like a pretty cool shmup
T- Zone of the Enders two is a dynamic, ever-changing experience
T- Impressions of Concerto Gate
T- Tenro's impressions of World Ends With You
D- Luc Bernard shares a pitch that didn't get caught

A- Jack of No Trades gives us a new model dedicated to The Wrath
F- Tekken film expected to get an "R" rating
F- Arrested Development movie! DO WANT!
S- Coire's copy of the Resident Evil reference book arrived

R- eBay auction for PSP case featuring Samus
R- Check out coonskin05's new video links service
V- Chimpmunk-ed Team Fortress 2 "Meet the Heavy" vid
V- A video blog about the gamer's place in societal heirarchy
V- Blind teenager developed echo-location
V- Two black guys argue over a cheeseburger
V- Darth Vader golfing commercial
?- Deleting data so you can get trophies or something

S- Pretty sure we've seen the fat iraqi kid before
S- Start of the Affair was soooo last month
F- I have no clue what you're talking about but, based on the effort you made, this fails
F- Do you like games? I like forums.
F- Direct your request to the forums, thanks.
F- I don't know what it is, but I know it fails.
F- What?
F- I know what you're talking about but ... god damn it


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