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Conrad Zimmerman avatar 5:24 PM on 03.02.2008  (server time)
Archive: RetRose Tinted

What is RetRose Tinted?
Aside from being an amazingly witty play on words, RetRose Tinted is an attempt to look back upon retro video games without the cloudy haze of nostalgia. Each week, I play a game that I remember enjoying in my youth and see if my memories are justified.

How do you choose which games appear in RetRose Tinted?
Typically, they're games that I myself played years ago. I am open to suggestions for titles to play, however, and would appreciate any that I'm given. Some weeks it can be difficult to figure out what I'm going to cover, after all.

When do new editions of RetRose Tinted appear?
RetRose Tinted is updated weekly, on Tuesdays.

Previous RetRose Tinted columns:

05/27/2008 - Spy vs. Spy
Out of the pages of Mad Magazine comes the madcap adventures of the Black and White Spy

05/20/2008 - Cool Spot
In a time before the word "advergame" existed, Cool Spot was a quality example of marketing and video games coming together. Also covers the NES game Spot and Cool Spot's sequel, Spot Goes to Hollywood

05/13/2008 - Kung-Fu Heroes
An arcade beat-em-up that morphed into a lengthy series of RPGs. Features coverage of all US-released games.

05/06/2008 - Splatterhouse
This incredibly violent beat-em-up is the granddaddy of horror gaming. Covers the original arcade game, TurboGrafx port, both Sega Genesis titles and casual mention of NES game.
Posted in conjunction with cowzilla3's Classic Game of the Month Club

04/29/2008 - Strider
A classic series of action-platformers. Covers the two arcade titles and the NES port.

04/22/2008 - Ducktales
One of Capcom's greatest platforming efforts on the NES. Also features coverage of the sequel. Ducktales 2

04/15/2008 - Maniac Mansion
A landmark game in the adventure genre. Includes notes on various ports, Day of the Tentacle and the SCUMM engine

04/08/2008 - Kid Icarus
Was this classic NES title unworthy of the sequel treatment? Includes commentary on the Gameboy version.

04/01/2008 - RapJam Volume One
April Fools, mo-fragga!

03/25/2008 - Dashin' Desperadoes
Two cowboys race to win the heart of a woman but win each other instead.

03/18/2008 - Zombies Ate My Neighbors
Classic b-movie campfest from LucasArts. Also features notes on the considerably less classic sequel, Ghoul Patrol.

03/11/2008 - QuackShot
A Disney game for Sega Genesis starring Donald Duck adventuring for lost treasure.

03/04/2008 - Golgo-13
A spy thriller series featuring Duke Togo, The Man with the Custom M-16 who'll kill anyone for a million dollars. Features heavy coverage of Top Secret Episode and light coverage of The Mafat Conspiracy. And lots of Duke Togo, The Man with the Custom M-16.

02/26/2008 - The Lost Vikings
Three Vikings lost in time and space must return home. Also includes notes on the sequel, Norse by Norsewest

02/19/2008 - Rygar
A man, a shield with spikes and an endless avalanche of enemies to kill. Focuses primarily on the NES port, with some coverage of the arcade original

02/12/2008 - Karnov
A tubby Russian who breathes fire? What could possibly go wrong? Covers the NES port.

02/05/2008 - Gargoyle's Quest
Firebrand must save the Ghoul Realm from certain disaster. Extensive look at each of the three games in the series.

Other related posts:

02/29/2008 - RetRose Tinted: Corrective Lenses cBlog Competition
Contest in which community members were challenged to recount their own retro gaming memories. Entries and winners

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