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1:20 PM on 11.03.2012

Chivalry: Medieval Warfare - A Brief Write Up

Sharpen you swords and prepare yourself for hours of gory and gruesome game play!

Chivalry: Medieval Warfare is a new take on the original source engine mod, Age of Chivalry. Now i am unsure as to whether the original developers for Age of Chivalry continued work on Medieval Warfare but this game is quite simply a treat.

Chivalry is set in a middle age time period, in which two basic factions are battling it out in a civil war. We have the Agathian Knights and the Mason order, vying for control of the region. But if you are reading this then you probably know the basic setting of the game and are here to get my opinions on the game.

Well, how to start? Chivalry: Medieval Warfare i would say is currently one of my most favorable games, after only playing the game for a few days (only 6 hours game time), i sit down after a day of work and vent out my stress through means of lobbing off the head's, arms, well really any limb i can get my weapon at!

(The above is not my game play/video, just to keep things straight.)

Now, Chivalry really hits the spot with the combat mechanics. The basics of the combat is very simple to grasp, however once you get past the basics a large part of the game becomes blocking and awareness of what is around your model. For example, when an enemy player swings at you, blocking is absolutely crucial or you may just loose an arm or your head. However if are wielding a large pole arm or a halberd and you are in a enclosed space you can actually stop yourself from blocking due to objects around you. This can be a pain in the back side, however i do enjoy the fact that spacial awareness is of great importance.

The game types that we have vary, we have a simple Free for All game type, which as you could probably imagine on a 32 player server... is bloody chaos! On a small map like 'Arena' which is basically a gladiatorial arena clattered with large spikes for you to run in to, it is absolute carnage, you have arrows swishing past you in one direction and the front end of a bardiche coming through the crack in your helmet just in time for your head to fall off!

Then we come to Team Objective, this is the type which i have dabbled the most in. This is a very standard objective based game type, 'Attack the Trebuchets', 'Burn the Farm' style games. And it seems to be the most organised of them. However i am yet to properly take my time and give 'King of the Hill', 'Last Team Standing' and the basic 'Team Deathmatch' games a go.

So there we go, a brief write of for Chivalry: Medieval Warfare, if you could sieve through the above mind-dump then i am glad and i hope its not as messy as i think it is.

If not and you skipped to the end, then i consolidate here.

Chivalry: Medieval Warfare is a brilliant game, it hits the spot for my in terms of desired combat, large scale battle, gore and it is just a brilliant time sink for me to delve into when i require a fix of gaming.

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1:12 PM on 11.03.2012

ConnorTheScot - A Pleasant Introduction

A Pleasant Introduction

You know what, starting these things are all ways the hardest part. Getting that first introductory line in there for everybody to read, it really does boggle my mind. I have just recently created an account on Destructoid, despite checking the site multiple times a day to get the dose of news, but i have never actually became a part of the community. So as i sit here, and ponder as to how to introduce myself, i am stumped. So here goes nothing!

Hi people of Dtiod, my name is Connor Reid! I am currently eighteen years of age, born and have stayed in Scotland all of my life, and i am rather obsessed with work. Oh and i also over think and complicate simple things, just a few moments ago, i wrote sentences similar to what you have just read about twenty times, and yet i still come out with a mediocre sentence. But really, i should not have to over complicate a simple introduction.

There we go, that is the simple introductory part done.

Ciao for now
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