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ConnorTheScot avatar 1:12 PM on 11.03.2012  (server time)
ConnorTheScot - A Pleasant Introduction

A Pleasant Introduction

You know what, starting these things are all ways the hardest part. Getting that first introductory line in there for everybody to read, it really does boggle my mind. I have just recently created an account on Destructoid, despite checking the site multiple times a day to get the dose of news, but i have never actually became a part of the community. So as i sit here, and ponder as to how to introduce myself, i am stumped. So here goes nothing!

Hi people of Dtiod, my name is Connor Reid! I am currently eighteen years of age, born and have stayed in Scotland all of my life, and i am rather obsessed with work. Oh and i also over think and complicate simple things, just a few moments ago, i wrote sentences similar to what you have just read about twenty times, and yet i still come out with a mediocre sentence. But really, i should not have to over complicate a simple introduction.

There we go, that is the simple introductory part done.

Ciao for now

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