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1:04 AM on 08.24.2012  

Christ, Do I have to do EVERYTHING here?! [P4A]

No time to talk; have image, wait for vitriol about Zen Digital, Atlus And Japan in general.


2:35 AM on 03.28.2009  

EUFNF: The importance teamwork in L4D.

I'm going to make this brief.

In short, I was in the EUFNF session of L4D and, well, because there was six of us I ended up on the player 2 team that had random pub users popping up every once in a while.
I have no idea if their inability to communicate with us because LOL PARTY is like that but they ran off leaving myself and SurplusGamer to fend for ourselves.
Which, I didn't do too well.

The basic summery went like this:

No Mercy
Act 1 - I, as Frances, get a little ahead of my self, wonder down the stars and get pinned by a hunter, everything went to hell soon after, 13 points.

Act 2 - Deciding to be a bit more diplomatic about the process (That and we murdered team Wordrox with a nicely timed Tank), SurplusGamer and I decide to fuck the pubers and work together. Outside the door SG is Smokered and before I can turn around to un Somker him, I get Hunter'd, the two pubers, the assholes, don't come back to help us. Another 13 for us.

Act 3 - In fairness, I think we made some progress here, I mean we got 26 points for our troubles but the problems persisted, in that the pubbers would not frickin' help us.

Act 4 - Salvation! The pubbers leave and we get bots, we actually make it to the lift before being murdered (I think we broke tripple figures here)

Finale - We made it to the Radio, pubbers happened, that's about it, we broke tripple again.

In short, don't trust Pubbers on a XBL party game. They will make your life miserable and get you murdered by Zombies.

Object lesson? Even if they're friends from teh internet, have people you know on your team of survivors during the Zombie Apocalypse. People who just pop up will Leave you.

Leave you 4 Dead.

Besides that GG everyone.   read

4:18 AM on 05.21.2008  

[Dr Mario RX/&Germ buster] Anyone want the demo.

So, the WiiWare was released a whole week early (from what I'm reading, anyway) and now I have Dr Mario and Germ Buster.

It has this little neat do-dad that alows you to send a demo version to anyone on your WiiConnect24 list.
(As long as they're in the same region, ie, I can send to PAL gamers)

So, I'll just put my adress book number here:
0953 8679 9173 5855

and awiat the ensuing chaos.   read

2:26 AM on 05.01.2008  

[Mario Kart Wii] First Competition Race is up! (Scenario Spoilers)

Just a quick note of intrest, the first Mario Kart Wii competition is up.

The Scenario is as "Get the best time you can in a VS Race on Mario Circuit."
and the deadline is the 10th.

The hidden other thing they don't mention is that the racetrack is crawlling with Chain Chomps.
(If you don't want this spoiled for firther competition posts, jus say)

So far, my best time (as in, my only time so far) is 2:02.327 and the best world wide time is 1:35.110

So, that's it for that.   read

1:23 AM on 04.16.2008  

[Super Smash Bros. Brawl] How does I shot already translated english? (Or, I'm in your blogs, being Jim Sterling)

So, uh, I read something on the SmashBoards in regards to the PAL release (or the lack of) of Smash Bros. Brawl.
Course, SmashBoards is the den of those who seek the destruction of all that is fun in the name of "Technique" but whatever.

"I have nothing new to say about the releasedate: However, I have some information about the reasons why it will come so late to Europe.

The game will be made in two versions for the European market (he didn't say anything about the Australian market). One with English + two languages and one with English + two other languages. The reason to that is because the game didn't fit on one Dual Layer-disc (8,5 Gb) with English, German, French, Italian and Spanish. Nintendo then had two different options to choose from. They could worsen the quality of the movie-clips (The intro and SSE-clips), or keep the quality of the movies and make different versions. Nintendo chose the latter option, which you understand have meant an enourmous job.

It will take a tremendous long time to convert this game into a European version. And because it will come many months after the American version, there are certainly people who thinks Nintendo are lazy. Of course it's not like that, Nintendo works as fast as they can to release the game as fast as possible. Another reason is that all the Pokémon in the game will be translated (their sounds that is) to German and French, and The Pokémon Company is extremely careful with this process. It's more than you think that's involved in a qualitative localisationprocess.

And how will this favour us swedes? (lol, we don't care how it will favour us, as long as we can buy the game as fast as possible) It won't favour us at all. Unfortunately, we have to pay so that Germany, France, Italy and Spain will be happy. If Nintendo didnt translate the game to the many different European languages, the game would sell a lot worse than it normally should. Of course, this causes a lot of Scandinavians (And other Europeans too) to import the game, as it's not worth to wait for the localisation.

However, we should remember that Nintendo at the same time removes eventual bugs in the game, just as they did with Super Smash Bros. Melee. Nintendo will also fix the terrible lag that the Japanese and Americans had when playing online."
( quoting

Intresting stuff if it's true, also proves that there should be a PAL English only standard to prevent this sort of nonsence for those who speak english. Cause I'm sure Austriala doesn't mind being bumf'ed for this. For real.
Also, Nintendo, just say a f**king release date already.

Edit: Gee, thanks DToid, for proving that goits exist everywhere..   read

1:46 AM on 04.11.2008  

[Mario Kart Wii] Insert Hangover joke here (Or, three golds and no GC joypad)

I was going to make an Invisible Kart LOLcat joke but I just can't be arsed to do so.

So, about 12 hours in (no, I did not spend all of that time playing) and this is what I have.

Friend Code is - 1160-9838-6084 (Craig)

Controlls -
(Note: I haven't been able to get my WaveBird working with the game. I'm probably missing something obvious with it so I'll figure it out)

Controls have been streamlined from previous MK games; the break has become the drift and depending on your drift shift (more on that later) you will hop when you press break).

Early reports of the non wheel controls being gimped are a load of nonsense, the apparent missing manoeuvres (the tricks and wheelie on the bikes) are mapped to the d-pad in the classic controller.
Speaking of Tricks, the tricks are easy to use and will give a speed boost on landing but they can easily mess up a jump if you get overzealous with them. Also, the wheelie gives you a small speed boost at the cost of manoeuvrability.

Between Wheel vs Classic Controller (haven't tried Nunchuk or GC Controller), I think most MK veterans will feel more at home with the CC for the moment.
The Wheel set up seems to be perfectly fine but I've found myself using items when I meant to jump by association of the original setup and that I felt the lack of a neural snap back to sorta leave me floating.
With enough practice, this will probably not be the case but for now. I'm happy to use the CC.

From the off, You are given 16 out of the full 32 tracks with each of these being split into four cups; two new and two Retro. So far, I've tried about two thirds of them and there's no real issues with the course. I really like the last course of the Mushroom Cup: Toad's Factory because it more or less one giant conveyors belt of nonsense.

No real change to this but I feel that the items from MKDS have now made the race a tighter deal than previous MKs. I haven't seen many races where the last place person was half the course away from the rest of the group.

Music is standard MK fair (in that it's good) and all of the Retro Courses have been arranged. Simply put, Snes Battle Course theme was awesome.

And now, the bug bear, if I think this is good, I'm a Nintendo apologist and if I think it's bad, I'm one of those screaming twats who think spending their life screaming profanities to people in Halo is a good way to live.

Anyway, online works more or less like it's DS counterpart; you can join a group match (which isn't faceless par-ce, you get to see everyone's Miis) that's ether Continental or Worldwide (Though there was one Continental match in which an American was in there, nothing wrong with that but it boggled me) and doesn't seem to be all that bad.
There's the friend's option but I haven't got many of those so it will probably take a while to get that working.

In addition to this, MKW has the option of downloading ghosts and, even better, watching the replays of any ghost you download so you can see the method to the madness. Good stuff all in all.

Yeah, that's more or less it. Koopa Trooper in the NokoBike for the win.   read

9:43 AM on 04.10.2008  

[Mario Kart Wii] - Street Date? (or, how I Learned to stop worrying and love Civil disobedience)

Well, I was waiting for the right thing to put up as a first post but this seems to be as right as any.

So, my local independent game emporium (who shall remain anonymous, lest they get hosed) told me that I could get the Mario Kart Wii now with no issue provided I waited for the delivery.

Now lets see, I had the games I was going to part exchange with me (I was going to save time and just present the swap voucher tomorrow) and I had a chance to more or less stick a middle finger up at Nintendo of Europe whilst lining their pockets (I'll leave it to you to figure out the logistics of that).

Can't say much fairer than that.

Now, that's not to say I didn't think highly of Final Fantasy X and X-2 (One does not Turn Based into greatness and X-2 ran out of good lines after the Snake joke), Mario Kart DS (and it's constant snaking as ) or the DS Web Browser (which just up and out sucked)
But after trade in, I could get MKW for Ł16, I was more or less stealing the thing from them anyway.

I'll get back to you with the particulars of the game but so far, here's a quick run down of my half hour play around with it:

* - It forces a Wii Update (to 3.2e) I suspect that it's to deal with the freeloader.
* - You can install a "Mario Kart Channel" that works independently of the game (though can boot it up to do various things) that can deal with the greater majority of the things you can do online.
* - The focus of the mechanics is drifting and jumping seems to be an effect of this rather than it's own mechanic.
* - Blue shells are still in force and your character even looks up and has that look of "Oh Shi-" just before you get hit.   read

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