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Welcome to Radio Destructoid, Destructoid's only official videogame and community-focused podcast! We are:

Andy: Dtoid Community Director
Aaron: Dtoid Forums Admin
Conor: US Community Manager
Kyle: Dtoid Contributor

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Wanna listen to an episode from our back catalog? Here's the full list:

Special thanks to Hamza for not firing us all (yet), Niero for paying the bills, knutaf for technical help, Adam for our badass intro and outro music, and ZombiePlatypus and TheCiderMan for our awesome banners and art!

To the rest of you: Be Better People!
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Episode 001 - It Begins
Published 10/11/2012

Episode 002 - Snog
Published 10/28/2012

Episode 003 - Dixless
Published 11/10/2012 - Special guest Changston

Episode 003.5 - Short Round
Published 11/21/2012

Episode 004 - Christmaaasss
Published 12/23/2012

Episode 005 - Do You Even Lift?
Published 12/15/2012 - Special guest StriderHoang

Episode 006 - The Donk Danger Zone
Published 1/21/2013 - Special guest Cataract

Episode 007 - Stabbing Kittens in Self Defense
Published 2/5/2013

Episode 008 - Lattes and Salmon Linguine
Published 3/1/2013 - Special guest Cadtalfryn

Episode 009 - Circumstances Lead to Mannequin Apocalypse
Published 3/7/2013 - Special guest Digtastik

Episode 010 - Sausage Fest
Published 3/25/2013 - Special guest ArcticFox

Episode 011 - The Grossest Fellatio Ever
Published 4/12/2013 - Special guest AgentMOO

Episode 012 - The Legend of the Scion of the House of Kerfluffer
Published 4/26/2013 - Special guest JohnnyViral

Episode 013 - Sour Cream, Mayonnaise, AIDS
Published 5/14/2013 - Special guest JJMcCallum

Episode 014 - Master Philatelist
Published 5/24/2013 - Special guests djnealb and IcarusKills

Episode 015 - Platymus loves Dtroid
Published 6/17/2013 - Special guest ZombiePlatypus

Episode 016 - The Great Heest
Published 7/1/2013 - Special guest TriplZer0

Episode 017 - Chuffed
Published 7/16/2013 - Special guest ScottyG

Episode 018 - Blowjobs from a Dog Playing a Guitar
Published 7/29/2013 - Special guest jodaniel3

Episode 019 - The Epitome of Linear
Published 8/12/2013 - Special guest Crackity Jones

Episode 020 - That One Time That Nun Bought You a Dildo
Published 8/29/2013 - Special guest Bling Pringles

Episode 021 - Live from PAX!
Published 9/11/2013 - Special guest lots of Dtoiders!

Episode 022 - Nailed It
Published 9/26/2013 - Special guest Swishiee

Episode 023 - Battletaints
Published 10/12/2013 - Special guest Isay Isay

Episode 024 - IT'S OUR BIRTHDAY
Published 11/5/2013

Episode 025 - The Calvining
Published 12/7/2013

Episode 026 - Social Justice For Camels
Published 12/23/2013 - Special guest OpiumHerz

Episode 027 - Touched by an Uncle
Published 12/31/2013

Episode 028 - Live from MAGFest 12
Published 2/01/2014 - Special guest lots of Dtoiders!

Episode 029 - Romcom Voltron
Published 2/12/2014 - Special guest MuddBstrd

Episode 030 - COMMUNITOID evolved into RADIO D!
Published 02/15/2014

Episode 031 - Bad Secret Santa
Published 02/27/2014 - Special guest Dexter345

Episode 032 - Songs for Suicide Girls to Strip To
Published 03/18/2014 - Special guest Nihil

Episode 033 - Race the Flush
Published 03/21/2014 - Special guest TriplZer0 aka BobbyRobbBob

Episode 034 - ConorElsea.com
Published 04/04/2014 - Special guest JackShadow

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