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Radio Destructoid avatar 3:35 AM on 02.12.2014  (server time)
Communitoid Episode 029 - Romcom Voltron

Here's Communitoid Episode 029 - Romcom Voltron!  In this episode: Andy cheats on us with Podtoid, Aaron rabbles about almost-frozen Cokes like an insane person, Conor has the MAGFlu, new regular host Kyle paid $40 to make girls squeal, and guest host Eric aka MuddBstrd loves boner dick potato sauce.  We also discuss MAGFest, how awesome the Dreamcast was, pronouncing .GIF, balloon TARDISes, and chaining people up against their will. Plus there's a new MasterSpam Theatre from Joanna! Enjoy!

We've picked our new show name, look for that next episode!

Break song: “The Ness Shot” by Joshua Morse

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Full show notes available at
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