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Radio Destructoid avatar 2:47 PM on 07.16.2013  (server time)
Communitoid Episode 017 - Chuffed

Here's Communitoid Episode 017 - Chuffed! †In this stupid-long episode Jo bought a new car and didn't even get a pizza, Conor went on an adventure with his pet tiger, Andy's new book Children's Songs of the Boner Sleep Fairy should be out in 2014, Beccy is sleeeepy, Aaron is a terrible role model for virtual children, and guest host ScottyG has some strong opinions about Phil Fish. †We also talk about where to get clean needles, evading gypsy attacks, the mysterious ways of Canadian and British people, freedom of speech, and audiobooks about manatees read by John Lithgow. Enjoy!

Break song: Dtoid Bar Theme by pk fire

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Full show notes available at



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Meet Ups:

August 30-September 2: PAX Prime 2013 by Mr. Gobbldigook
Are you going to PAX Prime 2013? Let us know!
September 27-28: Cherry NARP by GlowBear
Jan 2-5: MAGFest 12 by Dyganth

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