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Radio Destructoid avatar 5:38 AM on 07.01.2013  (server time)
Communitoid Episode 016 - The Great Heest

Here's Communitoid Episode 016 - The Great Heest! †This episode Aaron believes a man can fly and cause hundreds of millions of dollars in property damage, Jo talks about hitting balls, Conor survives a blue screen of death and beer cans some booze sodas, Andy will eat anything, and guest host BobbyRobbBobb AKA TriplZer0 AKA R.S. Hunter tells us about his novel The Exile's Violin and what it's like to be a writer man and expert party planner! †We also talk about romancing NPCs, virtual rampages, our favorite retro games, cheese, and Red Alert fan fiction. Stay tuned after the closing theme for us talking about syndicated tv shows from the 90s, AC: New Leaf, the Mad Max game, and Interstate '76. †Enjoy the show!

Break song: One Love by Chrys Wilson

Follow us @Communitoid on Twitter and join our Facebook group! †If you'd like to be a guest on a future episode or want to submit a community promo, email [email protected]!

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Opening and closing themes by Adam AcH ( and soundcloud). Show logo by ZombiePlatypus. Cblog banner by TheCiderMan.

Full show notes available at


Bloggers / Artists Wanted:

Bloggers Wanted: When did you start loving videogames?


Got a package from BBats today... by Swishiee
About my Game..... (itís an update btw) by PlayBoyMan
Itís all about who youíre sleeping with... by Elsa


Going on a rampage, surely everybody does it? by Muckfoot
The most super awesome amazing fantastic retro gaming thread ever! by vsynced

Meet Ups:

August 30-September 2: PAX Prime 2013 by Mr. Gobbldigook
Jan 2-5: MAGFest 12†by Dyganth†
Are you going to PAX Prime 2013? Let us know!

Other Stuff:

If you host a community podcast, please send an email to [email protected]!
The Exileís Violin by R.S. Hunter on Amazon
Check out Josh's sweet Dtoid shirt in Animal Crossing: New Leaf
MarcoSnow's werewolf game is over, villagers win! †The flavor text for this game was fantastic, well worth a read.
COM 01 made some adorable stuff for Andy's little girl

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