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Radio Destructoid avatar 3:35 PM on 03.25.2013  (server time)
Communitoid Episode 010 - Sausage Fest

As was foretold by prophecy, here is the all-Dude Bro Communitoid Episode 010 - Sausage Fest. In this episode, Aaron is exhausted, Conor turns into a robot and promises to give money to the children, Andy endorses giving alcohol to the children, and guest host Scott (aka ArcticFox, Esq.) lays some knowledge down on the Persona/Shin Megami Tensei games. No Joanna this week means nobody to keep us in line, so we get sidetracked by 80's nostaliga almost immediately, then later on things get super hot when we all start talking about erotic fanfiction and who'd we'd like to marry/bang/kill within the show. Real life delayed me from getting the show edited on time so some of the upcoming stuff (such as PAX East and some contests) probably has already happened. Since the stats tell me most of you listen to the episodes long after they're uploaded, it's likely very few people care. Hope you enjoy!

Opening and closing themes by Adam AcH ( and

Show logo by ZombiePlatypus

Break song: Ikari Warriors - Stage Theme by Unknown

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March 22nd-24th: PAX East 2013 by N7
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March 25th-29th: GDC 2013 by BadStar
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March 18 - giving away a Gears Judgment themed Xbox 360
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