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Communitoid Episode 007 - Stabbing Kittens in Self Defense

by Radio Destructoid   //   6:28 PM on 02.05.2013

Take heed mortals, it's Communitoid Episode 007 - Stabbing Kittens in Self Defense! Ready your ear holes to be amazed as Joanna drinks too many Smirnoff Ices and reveals she's never seen Blade Runner, Conor loved Binary Domain and is enraged that it wasn't better received, Aaron tries to make "Japanesey" a word, and Andy shows up eventually to fret about whether or not Dead Space 3 will suck. Also, Mxy and Zodiac try to instigate a Dtoid Community civil war, and we talk about how to scam lonely dudes out of free stuff in MMOs. Listen to it and let us know what you think!

Opening and closing themes by Adam AcH (bravebeat.com and Soundcloud.com)

Show logo by the superior ZombiePlatypus

Break song: Battle to Escape The Underworld (Mxyzptlk) by Alphadeus

Thanks for listening! Follow us @Communitoid on Twitter. Community member show openings can be sent to aaron@destructoid.com.

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Full show notes available at communitoid.libsyn.com.


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