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Radio Destructoid avatar 8:50 PM on 01.28.2013  (server time)
Communitoid Episode 006 - The Donk Danger Zone

Finally, Communitoid has come back to the Internets! In the long-awaited episode 006 - The Donk Danger Zone, Mxy's kiddo makes a surprise appearance, Zodiac got the awesomest Christmas present ever from her hubby, Bloodspray confirms that ChillyBilly is a pretty rad dude, and special guest host Cataract talks about MAGFest, indie games, and explains where wizards come from. Also, we talk about MMOs for a while, have a disagreement about Nutella, and suffer MYSTERIOUS AUDIO DIFFICULTIES. Sorry again about the delay, hope you enjoy!

Opening and closing themes by Adam AcH ( and

Show logo by the insert adjective here ZombiePlatypus

Break song: Last Night in Podunk (From the High Strangeness Soundtrack) by Disasterpeace

Thanks for listening! Follow us @Communitoid on Twitter. Community member show openings can be sent to [email protected] If anyone is crazy enough to do some illustrations for MasterSpam Theatre, please post them in the Forums!

Talk about us on the Forums, and follow us on the Cblogs.

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Full show notes available at

Bloggers / Artists Wanted:

Artists Wanted: "Portrait' recap and your next topic!


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Indie Games at MAGFest:

Dragon Runner
Helena the 3rd
Saturday Morning RPG
High Strangeness

Other Stuff:

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kodykoala's custom Guts Man Operation mod
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