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Radio Destructoid avatar 7:19 AM on 11.10.2012  (server time)
Communitoid Episode 003 - Dixless

EPISODE THREE OF COMMUNITOID IN YOUR FACE! In this episode Jon "Changston" Chang joins us and classes up the place, Andy decided his pregnant wife is more important that the rest of us, Jo is fucking amazing, Beccy is very serious about the order of Pokemon evolutions, Conor was sober, and Mxy hypothetically offers to make the ultimate sacrifice. Also, we made it a whole episode without any spoilers! Enjoy!

PS: Some of the community meet-up stuff we talked about will already be happening by the time this goes up. If you didn't know about it, you should have listened to our last episode!

Break song: Bloody Tears (From Castlevania Symphony of the NIght) - Composed by Kenichi Matsubara

Opening and Closing themes by Adam AcH ( and Soundcloud)

Show logo by the ever-awesome ZombiePlatypus

Thanks for listening! Follow us @Communitoid on Twitter. Community member show openings can be sent to [email protected], do it cowards! See you in another two weeks!

Talk about us on the Forums, follow us on the Cblogs.

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Full show notes available at


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Megaman Rock 'em Sock 'em Robots by ekoala2002

The Max Scoville Mtn Dew Challenge by Brett Zeidler

The Max Scoville Mtn Dew Challenge by Chris Carter


Say My Name, Bitch! by Digtastik

Politics thread by usedtabe

SEACREST SANTA 2012 by ZombiePlatypus

The Chronicles of the Traveling Brournal by Phallus Knife Fight

This Month in the Community Suggestions/Recommendations Thread

Meet Ups:

Dtoid Seattle Wrecks it

BaltiNARP You have one week to prepare

It's a Destructoid Dance Party! With DJ R3Y GUTI3RR3Z

Play Halo 4 with the Destructoid community!



Win a limited edition Halo 4 Xbox 360

Community Podcasts:

Scary Granules podcast with Glowbear & Panzadolphin

Cblog Fapcast brought to us by our friends on the Cblog Recap Team

The Blue Shell Manifesto with JT Murphy

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Dtoid Baltimore/DC

Dtoid NY

Dtoid MAGfest



The Original Max Scoville Mtn Dew Challenge

Changston's Christmas Adventure

Roadblasters Arcade Gameplay

Japanese Live Action Super Mario w/ Obama cameo

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