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Commentoid avatar 4:24 PM on 02.18.2011  (server time)
Comments of the Week: This Week's Word is Panic

What a fun week it was with pirates, hackers, zombies, oh my!

There was a lot of stories in the past week alone and I tried to get one from each of them so hopefully this will be enough to make up for my last attempt.

Without further ado, here we go.

From: Aperture Laboratories Offers Useful Valentine's Day Facts

At least we all have MvC 3. (Except Mr. Dixon, but I'm pretty sure he's got a Valentine)

From: Congrats Capcom You F***S

I'm sorry, but I just have to draw attention to the fact that Funk is a true collector. Jesus, just look at that dedication.

From: Halo: Reach 'Defiant Map Pack' Announced for March

Not to be preachy here, but I just played through Reach's single player campaign and it was enjoyable as hell.

From: Rumor: Doc Ock and Frank West are Marvel vs Capcom 3 DLC


PlayStation 2 Ships 150 Million Units Worldwide

Three cheers for the PS2!

PS3 Hacker Geohot Rap Attacks Sony Fudepackers

This is the reason why we have a Truth section.

From: Apple Officially Lets Apps Charge Subscription Fees OF THE WEEK!!!

From: Mega Man Gets Cozy in this Modified Fan Art

Ha Ha It's funny because it's creepy.

From: Whoops Dids I Write Dat ?! : O

It's funny because his canon is where his penis is.

From: Sony: NGP and PSP to Co-Exist

You should consider yourself lucky poor people. We have graciously decided that if you, for any reason, can't afford our new console, our soon to be out dated handheld will be there for your....poor people needs.

From: Sony Dropped NGP Features to Keep it Affordable

$400 $400 $400 $400 $400 $400. Prove me wrong.

From: Batman Arkham City is a 'Single Player Only Experience'

From: Piracy is not Theft, Piracy is Piracy" A Law Student on Calling it by its Name

Can you imagine that road? This is me waving goodbye to Aurain as he successfully keeps his priorities in check.

From: PSN Hack Lets Users Unban Themselves, Ban Others

I'm sorry, for some people this is serious business. For me, it's quite funny.

From: Double Fine Developing Sesame Street Kinect Title

This should be in Truth, but this also made me lol. Point is, this belongs in Comments of the Week.

From: It Begins: PS3 Modders Getting Consoles Banned

This is a real microwaved PS3. It has given me nightmares. Burn it and send it to Hell....wait.

From: Spanish Hacker Threatens Nintendo with Stolen Info

I once met a drunk baby. He had a problem. I told him to lay off the drinks but he just proceeded to tell me my brother was a whore, which didn't even make sense.

From: Forbes says Valve's More Valuable than Apple and Google

And with that, I've met my pirate quota of the week.

From: Modern Warfare 2 Security Patch Prepped for All Systems


From: Crysis PC Demo Arrives March 1

I put this in here because I don't quite understand what he's talking about. I thought Crysis 2 was a different game, not an update of Crysis 1. Is this like New and Classic Coke?

And I put this in here because I try to catalog the different types of Jim haters. This week is a person who doesn't mind preaching, just not Jim's preaching.

From: Crytel: PC Gaming is Very Important to us


From: Rumor: PSN Hacked, Credit Card Security Exposed (Update)

I'm going to stop for a moment to ask Lenigod to TELL ME MY FUTURE OR I WILL BURN YOU AT THE STAKE YOU WITCH PERSON!!!!

(Burning at the stake of love)

From: Double Fine Developing Sesame Street Kinect Title

How many people own 360's? How many of the people who own Kinnect have Sesame Street's target demographic? How many Tickle Me Elmo's were sold? Oh right now I remember. A LOT!

From: Survey: Gears of War 3 Most Anticipated Game of 2011

Right, well the logic here is just a bit much too much to get my head wrapped around so I'll just leave it here.

The pot literally just called the kettle black. No, the pot pretty much told the kettle that he was stupid for being metallic and that holding liquid is for losers. This is how far the kettle went in attacking the pot.

I'm out this pirate ship!


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