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Now that I'm a Dad, Octonauts the kind of stuff I watch. Now, I am giving you get the opportunity to watch it.

It's about a bunch of animals having undersea adventures. Is that underselling it? Apologies if I have, because it is actually very good.

From Justin Wong wins $10,000 at the Mortal Kombat 9 Nationals

I'm all about this when talking about video games in general. If I hear anyone on TV talk about video games, who haven't got a clue what they're talking about, it makes me sick.

I remember the time I heard someone on the radio call Metroid Prime a first person shooter.

From L.A. Noire gets new DLC June 21st

I would play the shit out of a Police Squad! game. Guess the closest I'd get to that would be Sam & Max: Freelance Police.

From Hackers continue to attack Sony, start stealing money

That's all they really waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaant
That's aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaall
When the working day is done,
oh nerds, they want to have fu-un.
Nerds just wanna have...

Nerds, they wanna
they wanna have
nerds they wanna,
wanna have..

keyboard solo

From Comments of the Week: Schrodinger's Cat

From Duke Nukem web game makes women get naked
FTA:In conclusion, this game is dumb and not very sexy, not least of all because the women really don't look like they're enjoying themselves very much. Where's the fun in that?

Remember, Andy, if she wakes up, just say you dropped a contact lens down there. The excuse should work even if you don't wear lenses.

From Bioware talks building up to Mass Effect 3s Ending

From XBox 360 Firmware issue prompts console replacement plan

From Sony 'sorry' if you own all the Welcome Back PSN games

From What new LEGO game would you love to see

At Vajoiner Comments, we triple bake the wut? Starting with a simple LEGO bake, we take the cannibal second bake you may have seen from some of our competitors, and add a third holocaust bake for the flavor you love.

From Venting Anger

Honestly? I thought I was doing a good mexican accent.

From Long Time Listener, first time caller

I agree. He was a much better member of the clan than MC Hammer.

FromThe Bar

From PS3 FNF: May 20th

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