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Commentoid avatar 5:17 PM on 01.28.2011  (server time)
Comments of the Week: It’s not gay if you do it in space Edition.

Hey everybody! It’s that special time of the week, the triple threat three-way that threatens to trump the temptations of these treacherous times: Comments of the Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeek.

I’m your host Handy and my brain has been completely fried from devoting nearly every waking moment of free time to Mass Effect 2, now when I talk to people my thumb instinctively moves toward the renegade option and yesterday I headbutted a stranger to establish dominance. Now let’s get this out of the way so I can find out if female Shepherd can get it on with Thane, because I’m totally spacegay for Thane.

From: Npr asks why girls who game get so little respect

I find the whole “Women and gaming” debate is a lot easier to put into perspective when I stop thinking of them as women and start think of them as 50% of people.

Also trans-gen characters are well represented in games. There’s Poison and Kaine from Nier and......umm...Birdo, and by “well represented” I meant there’s three of them (unless you want to make a JRPG joke)

From: The decade of makers

Would you believe there are so many talented code writers on Dtoid? Maybe with enough peer pressure we can get Beyamor, Knutaf and Fame to make “Destructoid: The Game” a game about murder, betrayal, revenge, and also cocks.

From: Stuff these Dynasty Warriors 7 screens down your urethra

I can hear the unified cry of thousand men going “ouch” when they read that.

From: Hey Lenigod

Hey, you know what’s hard to take a picture of? Gifs. And you know what that blog has about eight of? Gifs. So I’ve painstakingly recreated Lenigods comment for your enjoyment.

At first I was being a dick, and didn't think nothing of it...

I felt like I was on top of the world...

I thought I was invincible and no one could get in my way...

But people began to notice me more, and not take kindly to me in general...

But that was a long time ago, and things have changed, I know what i've done has been some what...

But now, I share my food with the less fortunate...

And am always ready to 'fap' any blog

But don't forget about a thing called karma

There we have it. Everyone seemed to enjoy the blog but unless you were part of the Xbox FNF everything else reads like one big in-joke, I thought this was a bit rude so Lenigod suggested that we settle this like gentlemen.

From: C-blog recaps

How someone couldn’t adhere to high, high standards of Kotaku is beyond me.

From: No Clip: Fallout New Vegas

Mr. Dixon throws himself headfirst into yet another existentialist debate. When will he stop ramming his “games are art” ideals down our throats!?

From: Final Fantasy X

You might say that comment got me....hook, line and sinker.

From: Daily Trivia 1, 2, and 3

You know what, forget what I said earlier. Bey, Knutaf and Fame should make these games instead.

From: Realm of empires

What Rexwolf doesn’t realize is that he could have gotten more points with Buttcliter.

From: Scary amount of Kill Obama levels in Little Big Planet 2

“Mattrodroid typed furiously, trying to warn people of the truth, the sound of his keyboard drowned out only by the crinkling of his tinfoil hat, but no one would listen, it was too late for them. He would have ride his cardboard rocket to the safety of the moon alone...”

From: Pachter: Ps3/Pc Black Ops players are crybabies

Yes, having a grown man analyse the largest entertainment industry in the world is just ridiculous.

From: Watch a Japanese douche destroy a copy of The Last Story

This comment fails on multiple levels.
1. Racist
2. Real men cut CDs with hedge clippers?
3. Who the fuck cuts their nails with fingernail clippers (looking like a complete puss while doing so)
4. Your name brags about owning a Volkswagen
5. You spelt “OWNER” wrong

It takes a flexible mind to see a Japanese man destroy a Japanese game and somehow take that as a sign of bigotry.

It takes a mind flexibility level of "contortionist-stripper" to then make several racist comments and suggest genocide. If my girlfriend were as flexible as this guys mind I’d never get bored.

And that’s Comments of the Week! Remember you can PM us any praiseworthy comments if you think we might miss them, or you can hurry and check the Final Fantasy post Jim just wrote if you’d like to see a comment shitstorm go down live!

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