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Commentoid avatar 3:25 PM on 11.19.2010  (server time)
Comments of the Week: Irresponsible Maturity.

Biker Mice from Mars + Married with Children = one confused and slightly depressed Handy.

Header images donít have to make sense right?

I thought this was sure to be the easiest week in Commentoid history, but, to my shock and horror, Nick Chester reviewed Assassinís Creed Brotherhood and not Jim. Is this better for the site overall? Yes, the idiots waiting to jump down Jimís throat had the wind taken out f their sails, Jim didnít have to play a game he wouldnít like, and we got a great review out of Nick.

But is this good for Commentoid? NO! If Jim reviewed that game I would have had a pool of at least five hundred comments full of frothing trolls tearing each other apart like rabid dogs fighting over the ďwho is the biggest dickheadĒ bone. Instead we got a load of people looking forward to the game and a bunch of wonderful supportive comments for Nick. So please, the next time you see a mature discussion or a well thought out viewpoint, accuse them of being paid off by whatever company they mention and call peoples sexuality into question for no reason at all. For the good of Commentoid.

Thankfully there were still plenty of intelligent, funny and downright stupid comments for us to enjoy this week.

From: Imageepooch fighting to defend the JRPG

Harsh truths form meteorscrap.

From: Videogames now cause relationship breakdowns

Elsa needs her own daytime talk show where she tell us stuff like how to cope with gaming in relationships or how beads and ribbons can turn a controller into a classy centrepiece.

From: God of War dev: PSP was 'doomed from the start'

He has a point. You donít see any developers coming out and saying that Move or Kinect will ďfailĒ but if we give it three or four years...

From: C-Blog Interviews: Handy

Okay, me putting this in the truth section is the one and only time youíre allowed shout BIAS on Destructoid and be in the right.

From: Kamagra Oral Jelly - Recoup Your Sexual Self Confidence

From The Uggly Factor: Ugg Boots tendency Trampled

They say a picture is worth a thousand words but Occamís always seem to leave me speechless.

From: C Blogs of 11/13/10 and 11/14/10 + SilverDragonisms


From: OK, so Sexualchocolate is getting an Xbox 360, and kinect..

Sexualchocolate proving once and for all that good things happen to bad people. Seriously though maybe he was just playing ultimate hard-to-get, and the console eventually came to him.

From: Here's a NSFW video of two naked girls playing Kinect

Hereís what Jon B linked too if youíre interested....interested in getting a boner.

From: Videogames now cause relationship breakdowns

You guys are right. Itís too bad relationships donít go two-ways, then we might get a say in whatís happening, but I suppose if we started thinking like that we might have to take responsibility or, god forbid, acknowledge our flaws. No, weíre better off in this female dominated world where the pause button doesnít exist.

From: Def Jam Rapstar DLC brings Eve, Kanye, and more

I wish everyone else in the Wut section would realise that what theyíre saying is stupid and pointless mid-argument like this.

From: Here's a NSFW video of two naked girls playing Kinect

Yeah Jim what the fuck!? Those women werenít naked they were only topless. How could you lead us on? Itís just mean to tease people like that, especially when itís so hard to find vaginas on the internet.Shame on you!

Well thatís it for me. See you guys in six weeks, which I believe may be the week of Christmas.Will it be a special edition? Will I have a surprise treat? Will I give out presents? Am I just talking like this because I canít think of a way to end the blog? Only time will tell.





Itís the last one.

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