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Commentoid avatar 7:21 PM on 08.09.2010  (server time)
Comments of the Week(end?): WTF-this-is-too-early Edition

Should I put "Monodisms" here or something...? OH! Hey guys, didn't see you come here. You might now me as Monodi here, you know, that guy that usually talks about certain stuff about stuff and rambles about stuff that has to do with yet more stuff. Yeah.

I loved CaptainBus's idea of gathering the best and worst the community had to offer on the frontpage news and beyond for the sake of Destructoid's self awareness and amusement. Also, I think we need a new banner, so I MIGHT GET ONTO THAT OR SOMETHING, I DUNNO, THE SUSPENSE COULD BE KILLING ME OH GOD!

First of all let me make it clear. I know it's Monday, and too early from being considered a week yet. I do this because I am hitting the road this week and I will be without Wi-Fi for a period. So I didn't want you to leave you with your hands empty. So I will cover for what happened this weekend (and a little of today) instead. And if it's possible, I could update you with a new entry later for what was happened starting today thru Friday. I cannot guarantee you anything, but I will do my best.


As consolation prize, here is some Adrien Brody.

Ok enough crying, let's get down to business.

From Ace Combat: Assault Horizon, looks awesome

This is more of a personal issue because, YEAH I WANNA KNOW.

From Molyneux talks pedophilia and Milo (Boy, this topic was pretty odd.)

My... GOD!

I actually agree as everything becomes drama no matter what. Is like Midas's touch gone wrong.

From Sonic Colors: Box art, trailer, hat, and hater defense

But how is it we find ESCAPE FROM THE CIIIIITYYYYY more acceptable?!

From Molyneux talks pedophilia and Milo

Oh f*ck you, Matt. The very, very charming Pixar movie will not be the same for me now.

From Spend the weekend playing with your Privates

Pffft! Too juvenile, I would like to add that I saw it comi--


From 42 year-old woman swaps Xbox for sex with teenage boys (was this pedophilia weekend or something?!)

I don't know how serious you can be about popping your popsicle with an over aged (in contrast) woman for a video game console or anything for the matter.

Now if she were at least twenty years younger and wore a scholar skirt... aye.


Okay, I feel like this was a very dry first entry. I am sorry, but they are slaving me around the house at the moment guys! See you ASAP!


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