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Commentoid avatar 9:16 PM on 07.05.2011  (server time)
Comments of the Week: ...And a bunch of other weeks

Hey guys! I'm guesting this week. Been a while since I contributed to the C-Blogs but it feels great to be back. Things have been crazy busy. Got accepted into college, working at a local video game store, writing reviews for a site called VideoGameWriters, Tweetin'. A lot has happened since I popped up in here. Only recently have I gotten back into the habit of commenting like I used to.

By the way, if you're not on Twitter you totally should be. A good majority of the entertaining Dtoiders are there and it's awesome hearing their random thoughts and opinions on things video game related and beyond. Plus, it's fun as hell. It is a little weird at first but once you get into it it just becomes one giant forum basically.

Lastly, major congrats to Mr. Andy Dixon who is now our proud community manager!

P.S. When did video enabling die around here? this post is gonna be worse than it already is. :(

From: The Jimquistion: Accountability

YES! I’ve always said that the universal $60 standard is one of the stupidest things about this generation. I have yet to find the justification for the $60 standard, especially for small B-list titles. Some will say it’s the increase in hardware power and expectations from the community but as the development process is being streamlined and digital distribution increases in popularity how can anyone justify a $60 price tag for so many games? Even more insulting is when you work in the video game retail scene, your friends start breaking into the industry and you begin to learn the real value of hard copies before they go up on shelves. It’s ridiculous.

From: Review: Shadows of the Damned

This is the logic I give everyone and I write reviews myself. If it looks good, play it. Reviews be damned and universal acclaim only goes so far. Experience something you feel mixed about or that you even hate. You’ll learn a lot.

From: Sony’s ‘Welcome Back’ Promotion On PSN Ends Today

Can we please stop even acknowledging this kid? Ignore him. No “You’re 12,” or “Stop being a troll!” From an ex-fanboy, he lives for the attention.

He’s not even a fun troll.

From: Selling Violent Videogames to Children

This happens so much more than people are willing to realize. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve head [SarahPalinAccent] “Oh, I don’t like him playing this game but he’s played it some much by now at his friend’s house,” [/SarahPalinAccent]. That’s like me saying “I don’t want lung cancer but I smoke already so I might as well keep smoking.”

Oh wait, that happens too. [/sigh]

From: GUYS, GET OVER IT! Girls Games. Some Don’t

Usually I never waltz into these posts because it’s always the same tired conversation. Someone says something about how girls play video games and someone says it’s a tired subject and people agree, end scene. This however I thought was a surprisingly insightful transaction.


People usually post videos and stuff in their responses. I don’t know if I’ll be able to find anything relevant so I’ll drop this here:

The real mu'fuckin' Harley Quinn!

From: Spoiler warning: non-final build of Gears of War 3 leaked

From: Shadows of the Damned Gets A Launch Trailer

Truth be told this whole thread was great but this was what was on my hard drive.


OOPS! I actually didn’t keep a very good eye out for this one. Here’s another video:

Alice Dixon?

From: The Jimquistion: Accountability

How did I come up with this particular WUT? I printed out all of mattrodroid’s comments, blindfolded myself, threw a dart, and WHACK!

From: It’s the Prototype Facebook game you’ve been waiting for!

Wow. Okay.

1. You foresaw this travesty and therefore decided to stick it to the man by buy the alternative title that isn’t even a direct competitor?

2. In order to protest against this diabolical act you decided to buy the game where you could run around fucking up the city that is based on a city that has seen massive natural disasters?

3. How the hell does this show favor for hacking in any way, shape or form? Does infamous 2 show support for beating the shit out of street performers?

4. The fuck does “f@cking” mean?


From: Shadows of the Damned and Mexican machismo

God, stupidity parading as enlightenment is fascinating.


Well this was fun! Really late but fun nonetheless. Thanks to Sean “CaptainBus” Daisy for the opportunity! I’d like to leave my legacy by sharing a wonderful image our own Occam’s shared with me.

I’ll see y’all in the comments! And on the Twitterz! And…around. How do hang up this thing? Did that do it? I think so. So anyways, I’m in the shower and next thing I know I heard Don’t Stand So Close to Me but I’m the only one in the house so I walk out, and I don’t think to wear a towel because…oh is it still on? Shit, here you hang it up.


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