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So I promised I'd return last week, but I didn't.

Really sorry about that.

After being sick a bit I just played games and procrastinated.

I'm kind of busy right now trying to juggle a couple things so to tie you over until the next Comments of the Week (I don't know if I have to make up for this by doing a full one or if someone on the team will have mercy and put me out like a horse and do next week's while I get re-settled)

This song should convey to you all the feelings of remorse I have. Listen and feel my regret.

From: Sensible Soccer dev: 3DS is just a hardware gimmick

Your argument is invalid game developer so shut up.

From: 3DS is a gimmick (again)

Couldn't decide if I should put this in Truth or Lol.

From: Congrats, Amnesia buyers: You saved Fricitonal Games

Not a comment, but the comment section all goes under "Truth". People who bought the game did good.

From: Looks like the 3DS may be region locked

My heart goes out to you European brethren.

From: Europe gets Pokemon Black and White before North America

My heart is no longer with you European brethren.

From: Dtoid Live: DC Universe Online

Seriously, what can that guy do. Talk to fishes? Lame. Oh! Hello Killer Whale. Do you require OH MY GOD!!! HE'S EATING MY LEG!!! OH WHY WAS I BORN A PENGUIN!!!!

From: Gameloft mad at EA for iPhone holiday sale

I thought I smelled the waft of...Communism.

From: The Destructoid unofficial IRC guide

Oh IRC. I weep for your unsaved souls.

From: Jim Sterling is Killing Video Game Journalism

If he'd ask I'd give him world's tiniest violin lessons.

From: Bulletstorm parodies Halo diorama clip in latest vid

I like how my response is his avatar.

From: The Destructoid unofficial IRC guide (again-gain)

Hey, remember the IRC? Don't do it.

Well that's my mini wrap up for now. Don't lose faith in me for I will surly return more glorious than before....Wait..Didn't I say I'd be the evil one of the group?


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