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Aw, crap!

It's past Christmas, I've managed to get some internet back by forging a modem out of tree decorations, perseverance and gentle weeping, and I haven't gone and got the community anything for Chrimbolidays!

Well, consider this the Commentoid equivalent of something I pulled together during the last-minute dash around the gas station at midnight.

I hope that you folks enjoy this a touch more than most folk enjoy sprouts.

From Infinity Blade update tomorrow with in-App gold purchases

I don't know if any of you watched the Mythbusters on this's why the next series will be called Mythbuster.

From EA: XBox can't beat PlayStation worldwide

What mrandydixon said, except I include the Shakeweight, the Slap Chop, and Gin.

From Humble Indie Bundle 2 surpasses $1.1M, offers Steam keys

I don't know if you've seen Jack's Orphanage Sweatshop, but if you check the Manager's Office, you'll find that next to the toilet there is no toilet paper, but there is a box of forlorn kittens.

From The Daily Hotness: Motoko Kusanagi

I'd interface with her port.

Then de-interface, then interface, then de-interface, then repeat for about 7-8 minutes, then eject my "solder", then hand her a handy-pack of Kleenex with Balsam and a local bus schedule.

I'm a classy guy.

From Home for the holidays

One thing never discussed in furry culture; how do you explain to a doctor that you have fleas around your genitals?

From Rumor: Kinect Patch quadruples accuracy

Yay if only you had Kinect, then we could see you yelling fangigger and flipping off a cartoon man while shouting out what Happy Meal toy you wanted your mum to get you from McDonalds because she can't hear you over your Black Eyed Peas MP3.

From Have a kick-ass trailer for Hunted: The Demon's Forge

I don't understand whether Mr Dock is referring to the administering or the receiving on Mr Sterling's part in this statement, but neither way sounds appetizing.

From Free copies of Back to the Future not out until February

lookin at how you writ shit... is fukin cool brah... i wish i was you... so i coud spend 15K on games a year... which means you are very important... so you can get pissy because you got your free game a bit later than you want it... your amazing man...

From Merry Christmas from Destructoid: Tell us what you got!

Let us look upon this comment 10 years into the future, and no longer wonder why in the Tahitian Fuckpedalo that in some circles in our past gaming was considered a reprehensible pursuit.

Thanks for reading my comments round-up. Please private message Commentoid if you have any nominations for the next entry, and have a sweet New Year.


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