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So, Madworld came out. I had preordered it a couple weeks ago after more videos starting appearing on the interwebs. I was pumped for it, I picked it up Wednesday, and I beat it Thursday night(Which really did not help the completion of my homework).

I absolutely LOVED this game. I don't know what it is, but from the first time I jammed a caution sign through a guys head to the AWESOME ending, I was blown away by this game.

I had seen many videos of the game and the art style seemed impressive. I was amazed by how good it looks in motion on my screen. The first city overview shot looked so well defined on the edges of the buildings and got me excited to chop some guys in half. The gameplay is surprisingly deep in my view. I was amazed by how many items I could find in the stage to kill a guy. The environment kills also were fun for the first couple times. They were also improved by the combo killings you can rack up when more options become available.

Which brings me to the point where I disagree with some people saying it's repetitive. I found so many different ways to kill people and they kept throwing more at me throughout the stage. The environment also rapidly changes throughout the game and I personally never got bored of an environment. Some games stick with one major environment that can get boring, Guild Wars did this as the first part of the post-apocalyptic area was too long. When it changed it up, I became much more interested in the game, and Madworld gave me that feeling with every level, which was different enough for me to enjoy.

The other complaint I partially disagree with is the difficulty. The end stages did give me a good bit of challenge, and I found myself cursing one of the later bosses(Frank.....grrrrrr). The difficulty was enough for me. I do think that if they offered Hard mode, there would have much less complaining about the difficulty. The repeating of the mini games was also a bit disappointing.

The last things that really hit me about it are the commentary, the story, and the Music. The commentary is hilarious and while it does get lost with the music, sound effects, and voices, it is still very funny. I was also very iffy about the music when I first heard about it, but with it actually in the game, it fits it so well. The lyrics are also ALL about the game, every artist related it in some way. The story was surprisingly deep and caught me off guard. I really started to like Jack and the way the story flowed seemed to always work.

The ending of the game was also one of the best I have played in a while. None of it felt rushed, and they did not over do the quick time events in the cinematic. I don't know what it was, but the ending made me really love this game.

I REALLY liked Madworld. I would recommend it to any person that owns a Wii and feels they have run out of games to play. I have actually put this game in my top 10, I have quickly fallen in love with it, despite the few faults that I can personally over look. If you want something to play on your Wii, get this game.


*Very tiny spoilers*

P.S One of my favorite lines from a video game is I have a chainsaw on my arm! I'll be alright!

Also, I do a good bit of Computer Graphics work. I have been considering asking you guys for things to model. It won't be super amazing, I'm only in high school, but I love to do CG stuff. Let me know what you think of this and I'll make a post for ideas if I get enough interest!
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